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    Default Re: Codename: Swampgas, Like Frostburn, but with Swamps

    Tar Baby looks really powerful...half your HP, DR 10/- and an attack bonus higher than a full BAB class of your level? I suppose it doesn't have a plus to damage and hits with whatever weapons you are carrying, but...still. Might want to raise the level.

    I still need to put together those spells I came up with. I'm heading to Spain for two weeks, but I'll have my computer. Will bring PHB and try to write up a few more spells, as well as come up with ideas for more.

    With regard to a pbp Swampgas campaign...sure, sounds good. I'd be happy to DM, if you want. I'll see what I can come up with. Actually, requiring the use of a lot of stuff from Swampgas will probably make it easier: it'll be located in Glugg, I already know what the main villain is...It'll probably be a rather cliched plot, as I don't plan to try very hard on that portion of it, being mostly playtesting. Probably evil villain with an evil plan whom you must stop. I usually avoid the Alignment Brick (Oh noes, bad guy, go stop him. What do you mean, what's in it for you?) in my pbp games, but I may end up using it here if I can't get anything better.

    My under construction list:
    Nauseating Visage
    Sickening Gaze
    come up with spell ideas.
    work on campaign details.
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