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    Default Seklas, the Destroyer (rompin-stompin vestige; 8th level

    this is how seklas would like to treat all of his followers. but alas, only those that reach high enough within the Archon of the Forsaken Prestige Class will ever have any hope of drawing that much power from the imprisoned god.

    Seklas, the Destroyer (Vestige; 8th)
    Vestige Level: 8th
    Binding DC: 40
    Far from the vulnerable and dependent shadow that he currently seems to be, Seklas, the Poison of the Gods, the Destroyer, the Bringer of Twilight, is quite possibly the one which will supposedly bring the eventual downfall of the gods, spoken of in primordial days.
    Legend: Archons of the Forsaken that grow close enough to Seklas to bind his conscious mind have access to immense power. Through ancient rituals, decades of study and meditation, and an iron will, these servants of the Destroyer open themselves up to a level of soul binding that borders on becoming a divine avatar. Eons have passed since his imprisonment, and every day brings the stricken god closer to freedom; every day brings more mortal binders to the knowledge of the Outer God and his offering of power, an offering made to those that would aid him in his quest for release and revenge. The power of creation and obliteration is held within Seklas’ words and movements. His very thoughts carry the power of unmaking.
    Special Requirement: Seklas devotes this level of power only to those that he truly trusts and believes to be pivotal to his cause. Only archons of the forsaken (prestige class) can bind Seklas, the Destroyer, whether or not the binder is capable of making a good pact with the might that is Seklas.
    Manifestation: Seklas finds a small amount of freedom in his archons, and can manifest himself more fully to them than he can to just any soul binder. A yawning portal of shadow opens above Seklas’ seal, and the lion-headed serpent appears, towering over his devoted servants with pride and pleasure. Seklas’ voice issues only in the head of the archon, as no one else would be worthy of hearing what he has to say.
    Sign: Once bound to Seklas, the Destroyer, great wings of blackness appear on the archon’s shoulders. Faint points of light are visible within the blackness, and as one looks closer, stars, constellations, and galaxies are evident—though none of them are familiar to any of the known planes of existence. None of Seklas, the Destroyer’s abilities are usable without showing his sign.
    Influence: Seklas trusts his archons implicitly, and does not interfere with their decisions even if he is strong enough to impinge on one of his archon’s will. The only exception is if one of his archons betrays him; if Seklas has the option, he will annihilate a traitor in the most painful and terrifying of ways. However, if an archon fails its level check in order to bind Seklas, the Destroyer, it means that he was not strong enough to forge a link with the god through the divine imprisonment that he suffers, and consequently can only choose one of the abilities (beside mantle of the unmaker) normally available to him below. Mantle of the unmaker will always be given him, even on a failed level check.
    Granted Abilities: Seklas gifts his archons with the true understanding of ruin and the ability to deliver all manner of destruction to obstacles of their goals.

    Absorb the Slaughter: You radiate an aura of entropy, manipulating the delicate balance between life and death. Any sentient creature that falls to -1 or fewer hit points within 60 feet of you is automatically affected by a death knell effect as if it were an 8th-level effect. You gain all of the normal benefits of the death knell spell as if you had targeted the creature personally. As an immediate action each round, you can cause one creature per round that would be affected by your aura to be immune to its effects for that round (helpful when an ally falls anywhere near you).

    Aspect of the End Times: With your expanding awareness of life and death, you can bring your targets to complete destruction with hardly an effort. All damage-dealing spells and other effects generated by you (not by your magical items), and directed against creatures or objects are automatically maximized or empowered as you see fit. This does not stack with any other empower or maximize effect (you cannot empower an automatically empowered or maximized effect). Your attacks against objects ignore all hardness and deal quadruple damage. The critical threat range of all attacks against creatures are doubled twice (19-20 becomes 15-20; 18-20 becomes 12-20, etc), to a maximum of 12-20; and the critical multiplier is doubled twice as well (x2 becomes x4, x3 becomes x5, etc), to a maximum of x5. Multiple effects that increase a weapon’s threat range (such as the keen edge spell and the Improved Critical feat) don’t stack. Further, you can resolve one attack per round as a melee touch attack.

    Eye of Entropy: You have come to understand life and death, creation and destruction. With Seklas’ growing power, you can harness his deific knowledge of the mechanics of the multiverse. You gain an insight bonus of +10 to all Healing checks, and Knowledge (architecture and engineering), Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (the planes), and Knowledge (siegecraft) checks, and can use the skills untrained. Further, he can tell the type and all subtypes of any creature that he gazes upon. Nothing short of epic magic can conceal this information from him.

    Lay Low the Will: You can use the Intimidate Foe action as a swift action once per round against any target within 30 feet. Any foe successfully intimidated by you (through any means, skill, spell, or otherwise) must make a successful Will save or take 1d6 points of Wisdom damage.

    Mantle of the Unmaker: You gain a flight speed of 100 feet (good), as well as a modified version of the Frightful Presence ability. Creatures within 10 feet/level of you when you attack, charge, fly overhead, or cast harmful or offensive spells must make a successful Will save, or suffer 4d6 rounds of panic (if 4 or less hit dice), or 4d6 rounds of being shaken (if 5 or more hit dice).

    The Very Elements Shall Bow: You can use earthquake as a spell-like ability. Once you have used this ability, you must wait for one hour before you can use it again.
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