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Hmmm... Looks decent so far. I like the scalability, and that it is different as it scales. Nice work. My only concern would be that Ancient Awareness should give the bonus to knowledge checks if the binder has no ranks in something, since Seklas represents unknown knowledge, right? Makes sense to gain a bonus to what you DON'T know, since it has no working knowledge of the world.
thanks. the vestige has no working knowledge of the world, but it does have tons of lore and observation that binders can translate into working knowledge. therefore, i wanted it to work for all knowledges.

but, as i never specified that, a binder cannot use it with knowledges in which he doesn't have ranks. should i specify that he can now make knowledge checks in knowledges that he hasn't devoted any ranks? it is an intriguing idea, but i am worried that it might upset the 3rd-level-ish power level of the vestige.

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