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    Default Re: Seklas, the Destroyer (rompin-stompin vestige; 8th level

    first of all, thanks for the reply.

    Quote Originally Posted by Draken View Post
    Ok, ok, here goes some insight.

    Absorb the Slaughter: the text is a bit confusing, you should rewrite it. As it is, it look slike targets you want to help are still targeted by a Death Kneel spell.
    hmm, yeah, it even looks confusing to me now that i look at it. plus, i don't really like the mechanics. i will play around with this some.

    Aspect of the End Times: How can I say... This is scary. Really, really scary. Maybe you should tone down the extra crit range and multiplier. I mean, do you really want one of these guys using UMD on a Staff of Transmutation and firing a x4 damage Disintegrate? (160d6 damage )
    a few things. first of all, i had envisioned any character-created effects being maximized or empowered, not item-created. but i didn't clarify. so i will do that.

    second, how would an empowered or maximized disentigrate do 160d6 damage? even at 20th level, it would be max 60d6 (empower), or an even 240 damage (maximize), unless i have been missing some component of the game for the last few years (which is certainly possible...). the only thing i can think of is that you are thinking that a character with the appropriate meta- feat could empower an already empowered spell, etc (but that would still be less than 160d6). is that it? that is something that i will clarify as well.

    and lastly, the crit multiplier for physical attacks: i don't see this as too high. so far it is the only one that i specified correctly from the beginning that it doesn't stack with similar effects, and a pair of uber critical modifiers on physical weapons doesn't strike me as too powerful for an 8th-level effect, especially for the binders that are generally kind of weak anyway. the only way that i could see this being abused is with some super-flurrying or two-weapon, infinite attack sequence. i am sure that there are more ways than those, but my brain works slow.

    so, i am editing those now. thank you for the inight. i would never catch stuff like this without your input.

    aaron out.
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