Basatan, the Scuttling Cancer
The Great Old One Basatan dwells beneath the sea, creator of all crabs and crustaceans.

Vestige Level: 2nd
Binding DC: 18

Basatan is a Great Old One who sleeps in a fortress of coral built deep beneath the waves. Though his physical body is dormant, his mind remains conscious and aware, seeing the world through the eyes of all crab-kind, the clawed crustaceans being servitors created by the Scuttling Cancer upon his arrival to the world.

Basatan's cults are few in number, and his power is paltry compared to those of others who sleep beneath the sea–Dagon and Hydra, progenitors of the Deep Ones, or the legendary horror that is Cthulhu. Nevertheless, his followers have devised rituals to bear his mind within themselves, allowing him to see the world through their eyes as if they were his own arthropodian servitors.

Basatan manifests within his seal as a hulking, vaguely humanoid body formed from the overlapping bodies of hundreds of crabs. Though he does not speak, the snapping of claws forms a pulsing beat, drawing the Binder into a near-trance in which Basatan can communicate directly with their minds.

Crab-like legs and claws occasionally reach out from the mouth and other facial orifices of those bound to Basatan, waving about briefly before withdrawing.

Those bound to Basatan become intensely greeding, coveting particularly gems and pieces of jewelry.

Granted Abilities
Basatan transforms those bound to him into crab-like servitors.

Aberrant Carapace (Ex)
A hard shell forms over your flesh, granting you a natural armor bonus equal to half your Constitution bonus, minimum +1.

Evasive Scuttle (Ex)
Whenever an enemy provokes an attack of opportunity from you, you may instead take a 5 ft. step. Doing so still counts as your attack of opportunity.

Skittering Charge (Ex)
You may use this ability as a swift action whenever you charge. If you do, you do not have to charge in a straight line, and the bonus you receive on the attack roll increases by +2. Once you have used this ability, you must wait 5 rounds before you can use it again.

Snapping Pincers (Ex)
You grow two crab-like claws, which are primary natural attacks and deal 1d8 damage. You can still hold and manipulate items with your claws.