Ghroth, the Harbinger
A living planet, Ghroth is the herald of the Outer Gods, spreading madness throughout the multiverse.

Vestige Level: 6th
Binding DC: 28

Ghroth is one of the few Outer Gods who does not reside in the darkness at the heart of the universe. Taking the form of a living planet, he flies through the universe, acting as the herald of Azathoth and the rest of that hellish court. Ghroth sings a maddening music known as the music of the spheres. Any planet he passes by inevitably falls into ruin, whole civilizations driven to insanity by Ghroth's unholy song.

Ghroth's cultists have created a binding ritual, a rite that uses certain chords and melodies of the music of the spheres to evoke Ghroth, allowing those loyal to him to bind his aspect to their souls.

Ghroth manifests within his seal as an orb of red light which throbs and pulsates like a heart. What sounds like an invisible choir of a thousand children can be heard, singing with the voice of Ghroth.

The voice of those bound to Ghroth echoes oddly, resonating and reverberating even in areas where it would not normally echo.

Those under Ghroth's influence will compulsively lash out verbally at others, mocking and taunting them, trying to drive them to madness.

Granted Abilities
Ghroth grants those bound to him the power to evoke maddening music.

Chord of Madness (Su)
As a standard action, you can sing a brief chord from the music of the spheres, powerful enough to temporarily throw your foes into discord. All enemies within 30 ft. of you must make a Will save, or else be affected by the chord. During their next round, they must automatically attack the target nearest to them, friend or foe. Creatures forced by the chord of madness to attack their allies employ all methods at their disposal, choosing their deadliest spells and most advantageous combat tactics. They do not, however, harm targets that have fallen unconscious. Once you have used this ability, you must wait 5 rounds before you can use it again.

Sidereal Flight (Su)
You gain a fly speed of 20 ft, with good maneuverability. You also gain Fly-By Attack as a bonus feat.

Unbalanced Mind (Su)
While bound to Ghroth, you are immune to being confused and to Wisdom damage, drain, and burn. Any creature that attempts to read your mind must make a Will save or be dazed for 1 round.