Mordiggian, the Charnel God
A ghastly Great Old One worshiped by the ghouls and other undead, Mordiggian holds sway over the realm of death.

Vestige Level: 6th
Binding DC: 28

Mordiggian is an unholy undead being, a Great Old One who is master of death and the undead. It takes the form of a living void, draining away and consuming all life it comes into contact with, leaving only the undead spared. Though of dread aspect and tremendous power, Mordiggian is less feared that the other Great Old Ones. Unlike the others, he rarely unleashes his destructive powers, only turning his wrath on the living if so evoked by his ghoulish cultists. Many ancient cultures, even those who normally had no dealing with the occult, would offer up their dead to Mordiggian, hence his title as the Charnel God.

The ghoulish cultists of Mordiggian have created binding rites that allow a fragment of the Charnel God's essence to be fused to the soul of a loyal cultist. As Mordiggian's reputation is less infamous than those of his fellows, even good Binders have drawn on him on scant occasions, using his necrotic powers to nobler ends.

Special Requirement
Mordiggian requires his seal to be drawn over the entombed corpse of a dead humanoid.

The tomb on which Mordiggian's seal has been drawn is shattered, and the corpse rises up into the air. It speaks with a hollow, rattling voice, its jaw moving unnaturally and disturbingly. Once the pact has been made, it withdraws back into the tomb.

The shadow of those bound to Mordiggian swells and grows, seeming to be cast by a man several feet taller than the Binder, and moving of its own accord.

Mordiggian requires those bound to him to perform burial rites for any dead creature they encounter, whether it be an entombing, a cremation, or a more exotic funerary ritual such as mummification or an air burial.

Granted Abilities
Mordiggian grants you a ghoulish form and the power to drain the life of your foes.

Ghoulish Jaws (Ex)
You gain a bite attack as a primary natural weapon that deals 1d8 damage. On a critical hit, your bite attack deals x3 damage.

Summon Ghouls (Su)
As a full-round action, you can summon one Ghoul for every 4 Binder levels you have, which appear immediately and act on your turn. The Ghouls can remain summoned for as long as you remain bound to Morrigian, but you must take a swift action each round to sustain this effect or they disappear. You cannot use this ability again while any summoned ghoul’s remain, and once this ability’s duration has ended, you must wait 5 rounds before you can use it again.

Veil of Undeath (Ex)
You are healed, rather than harmed, by negative energy, and gain immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, and disease. If you have the undead type, then you instead gain bonus hp equal to your Charisma modifier times your Binder level.

Void Burst (Su)
You can unleash a blast of disintegrating energy that drains your foes’ life. As a swift action, you may charge your bite attack with negative energy that disrupts matter, causing the next bite attack you make before the beginning of your next turn to deal an additional 2d12 damage. For every 5 damage dealt, you gain 1 point of temporary hp, which lasts for as long as you remain bound to Mordiggian. Any creature reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by this ability is entirely disintegrated, leaving behind only a trace of fine dust. If the attack misses, that use of the void burst ability is wasted.