Rhogog, the Bearer of the Cup of the Blood of the Ancients
Created by the Great Old Ones from the blood of Cthulhu, the shapeshifter Rhogog schemes to bring about the rise of his father.

Vestige Level: 1st
Binding DC: 17

In ancient times, Cthulhu is said to have clashed with Hastur, a lesser Great Old One, engaging in savage violence. Though Cthulhu easily overpowered and dispatched the Unspeakable One, Hastur did succeed in spilling a scant few drops of Cthulhu’s blood. While Cthulhu barely noticed his wounds, a cult of lesser aberrations conspired to take his blood, and with it created Rhogog, a shapeshifter born from the blood of the Great Old Ones. It is said that he is fated, along with the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep, to play a role in the rise of Cthulhu from R’lyeh.

Unlike most of the old ones, Rhogog is free to roam the world as he pleases, and has drawn many cultists to him. The most faithful have been rewarded with knowledge of a ritual that can be used to bind an aspect of Rhogog to themselves, drawing on the power of the sacred blood he bears.

Rhogog manifests within his seal as a black tree that oozes blood, and is warm to the touch.

Spiraling patterns, hot to the touch, drawn in red and black manifest on the skin of those bound to Rhogog.

Those bound to Rhogog become obsessively protective of their selves, and might go into fits of panic or brutal rage if they seem their blood shed.

Granted Abilities
Rhogog transforms those bound to him into pseudoabberant monsters, lending them unholy might and vigor.

Abberant Form (Ex)
You gain Aberration Blood as a bonus feat. In addition, for every 6 Binder levels beyond 1st that you have, you may choose another aberrant feat to gain as a bonus feat. You must meet all prerequisites of these additional bonus feats.

Blood Calls to Blood (Su)
You can communicate verbally with any aberration or with any outsider native to the Far Realm. They will understand whatever language you speak, and you can understand theirs in turn. In addition, you gain a +4 enhancement bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate checks made to influence such creatures.

Brutal Slam (Ex)
You gain a slam attack as a primary natural weapon that deals 1d6 damage.

Medium Armor Proficiency
You are proficient with medium armor.

Unholy Vigor
While bound to Rhogog, you gain 1 additional hp, plus an additional hp for every 2 Binder levels you have, rounded down. In addition, if you fall to 0 hp or less, you automatically stabilize.