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    Yidhra, the Dream Witch
    An Outer God who was once a living being, Yidhra attained immortality and aberrant godhood by following a dark and twisted path of evolution.

    Vestige Level: 4th
    Binding DC: 22

    Yidhra is the oldest living being to be born of the world. She was among the first single-celled micro-organisms created by Ubb-Sathla. Unlike the rest of mortalkind, Yidhra, unlike other mortal creatures, was constantly evolving and mutating, changing to adapt to any threat she was presented with—an ability bestowed on her by the Unbegotten Source. Yidhra’s power of adaptation eventually led to her immortality, as she changed and mutated to surpass death itself. Eventually, she transcended mortality, becoming one of the Outer Gods.

    Yidhra’s cult is small, as the newest of the Outer Gods has only recently begun to take on mortal cultists. However, she has spread her binding ritual among them, allowing her cultists to take on a fragment of her power of evolution.

    Yidhra manifests within her seal first as a globule of protoplasmic slime. The protoplasm eventually grows and forms an arthropodian, lobster-like creature, which then sprouts tentacles and takes on a soft, octopus-like form. The cephalopod then grows scales and fins before growing legs and becoming a reptilian creature, which then grows her and becomes a lupine beast. Finally, the wolf grows into the form of a beautiful woman of the same race as the binder, who then explodes into a cloud of radiant light.

    Those bound to Yidhra sprout a protoplasmic pseudopod from somewhere on there body. After a few minutes, the pseudopod turns into a crustacean claw, and then to a tentacle. It turns next to a serpent, and then to a diminutive wolf’s head, before turning into a miniscule human hand, and then reverting back to a pseudopod. None of these limbs can be used to hold items or make attacks with.

    Those under Yidhra’s influence become concerned only with their own survival, without any compassion for the life or well-being of others.

    Granted Abilities
    Those bound to Yidhra gain the ability to adapt to and overcome any danger.

    Damage Adaptation (Ex)
    Whenever you are damaged by a weapon, you gain damage reduction, which can only be overcome by any damage type that weapon does not deal. If you have any other form of damage reduction previously granted to you by this ability, you lose it. The amount of the damage reduction is equal to 1 plus one-quarter of your binder level, rounded down.

    Energy Adaptation (Ex)
    Whenever you are dealt energy damage, you gain resistance 5 to that energy type. If you have any resistance to another energy type previously granted to you by this ability, you lose it. If your Binder level is 14th or higher, this energy resistance increases to 10, and if it is 19th or higher, it increases to 20.

    Evolutionary Healing (Su)
    You can use cure serious wounds, neutralize poison, or remove disease, targeting only yourself, as a supernatural action. Once you have used this ability, you must wait 5 rounds before you can use it again.

    Evolutionary Resistance (Ex)
    You gain a +3 resistance bonus to one save of your choice, determined when you first bind to Yidhra. You can change which save it applies to as a move action.
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