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    Default Re: 3.5e overhaul: generic classes homebrew project

    • WhileI'm pretty satisfied with the limitations that the system imposes on full casters, the restricted spell access is awfully harsh for minor casters (and lower-level full casters as well, for that matter). One possible workaround would be to have a group of feats that grant access to packages of related lower-level spells; thus lower-level casters and hybrids can get a more viable spell selection with just 1 or 2 feats, while casters are still tightly limited in their spell selection at higher levels.
    • Most monk abilities are still missing. I'd like to unify a lot of splatbook feats and PrC abilities that run off stunning fist, and possibly build in some other monk abilities into the latter system as well.
    • Obviously, I'd like to integrate more material in general into the system. I'm not particularly enthusiastic about trying to work in whole new systems (psionics, Tome of Magic/Battle/Incarnum), but it's a possibility. I'd also like to expand the feat options for fighter types at higher levels as well. At around level 15 or so full casters are pretty much already Epic, for all intents and purposes; nonmagical characters need some similarly epic goodies too.
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