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Thread: Astrolomage Wizard Paragon Path (4e)

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    Default Astrolomage Wizard Paragon Path (4e)


    "I have studied the cosmos, and the depths of the universe have revealed their hidden powers to me"

    Prerequisites: Wizard class


    Gravity Mastery (11):
    You can reduce the amount of squares you are pushed, pulled or slid by 1 if you choose.
    Timewarp Action (11):
    When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you can regain an encounter power you have spent rather than take an extra action
    Phase Shift (16):
    Once per encounter, when an enemy hits you, you can negate the attack. If the attack would deal damage on a miss, you take no damage.

    Center of Gravity (Encounter Attack 11)
    "You make an enemy divert attacks by increasing his effect on the gravity around you."
    Encounter * Arcane, Psychic, Implement
    Standard Action Range 5
    Target: One creature in range
    Attack: Intelligence vs. Will
    Hit: The target takes 2d8+Intelligence modifier damage and becomes the target of all ranged attacks meant for creatures adjacent to it until the end of your next turn.
    Sustain Minor: The creatures continues to attract fire

    Rewind (Daily Utility 12)
    "Using stored strength from within, you use the secrets of time to undo wounds"
    Daily * Arcane, Healing
    Standard Action Range 5
    Target: You or one ally in range
    Effect: The target spends a healing surge and, instead of regaining hp equal to their surge value, undo all the damage (and healing) they were affected by last round.

    Black Hole (Daily Attack 20)
    "You create the ultimate consuming force, a black hole of boundless and uncontrollable power"
    Daily * Arcane, Force, Implement, Zone
    Standard Action Burst 1 within 10
    Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex
    Hit: 2d10 + Intelligence modifier necrotic damage and the target takes ongoing 5 force damage and is immobilised (save ends)
    Effect: Each square in the burst becomes a part of the black hole. Every creature within 10 squares is drawn 1 square toward the black hole. Any creature that enters the black hole or starts its turn there is subject to an attack (see above). The zone persists until the end of your next turn
    Sustain Standard: The zone persists

    Comments? I think this is really what a controller is all about personally. I'm concerned that it may be overpowered though.

    Ok, I've edited it to fix some mistakes and include suggestions. Wormhole replaced with Rewind. Enjoy
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