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    Soul Disciple Soulmeld List

    Acrobat Boots (Feet)
    Apparition Ribbon (Throat)
    Astral Vambraces (Arms, Hands)
    Blink Shirt (Heart)
    Bloodtalons (Hands)
    Bloodwar Gauntlets (Arms, Hands)
    Claws of the Wyrm (Arms, Hands)
    Crystal Helm (Crown)
    Diadem of Purelight (Crown)
    Dragon Mantle (Heart, Shoulders)
    Enigma Helm (Crown)
    Fearsome Mask (Brow)
    Flame Cincture (Waist)
    Hunterís Circlet (Crown)
    Incarnate Weapon (Arms)
    Lightning Gauntlets (Hands)
    Lucky Dice (Hands)
    Madspawn Mantle (Heart, Waist)
    Mantle of Flame (Shoulders)
    Mauling Gauntlets (Arms, Hands)
    Pauldrons of Health (Shoulders)
    Prophet's Gaze (Brow, Crown)
    Rageclaws (Hands)
    Riding Bracers (Arms)
    Sailorís Bracers (Arms)
    Spellward Shirt (Heart)
    Strongheart Vest (Heart, Waist)
    Therapeutic Mantle (Shoulders)
    Thunderstep Boots (Feet)
    Truthseeker Goggles (Brow)
    Warforged Soularmor (Hands, Heart)
    Wind Cloak (Shoulders)
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