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    Medium Undead
    HD: 8d12+56 (108)
    Speed: Fly 40 ft. (good) (8 squares)
    Init: +6
    AC: 24 (+6 Dex, +7 deflection, +1 natural armor); touch 23; flat-footed 18
    BAB: +4; Grp +6
    Attack: Slam +6 melee (1d4+2)
    Full-Attack: 2 slams +6 melee (1d4+2)
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Conductor’s baton, moving melodies, spell-like abilities
    Special Qualities: Undead traits, unearthly grace, unholy toughness
    Saves: Fort +9 Ref +15 Will +16
    Abilities: Str 14, Dex 22, Con -, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 25
    Skills: Concentration +18, Intimidate +18, Listen +14, Perform (string instrument) +21, Spot +14, Use Magic Device +18
    Feats: Corpsecrafter, Flyby Attack, Skill Focus: Perform (string instrument)
    Environment: Any
    Organization: Solitary, quartet (1 plus 3 wights), or orchestra (1 plus 10 wights)
    Challenge Rating: 10
    Treasure: Standard
    Alignment: Usually Neutral Evil
    Advancement: 9-12HD (medium)

    Hovering across the ground, a humanoid being approaches you. Its hood covers its eyes. In its hands it holds a lute, and it begins playing. With the very first note, skeletons appear and leap forward to attack. You realize with a sudden start that the song appears to be a requiem commonly performed at funerals.

    A dirgesinger is an undead created when a composer once of great renown dies a beggar, and is given a pauper’s burial, without friends or music. Lonely, bitter, and possessing great power stemming from their music, they wander the world, summoning and animating undead to join them in their travels.
    A dirgesinger looks like a human of average height and build, wearing a large robe with the hood pulled down over its eyes. Underneath the robe, the differences are obvious; the undead has no legs, and the pupils of the eyes are blood red.
    A dirgesinger speaks the languages it knew in life.


    Dirgesingers open combat by summoning help through their moving melodies ability, then take to the sky. Whenever anyone falls who could be animated, a dirgesinger will move in, play its song, and then get out, using its spell-like abilities to cover its retreat.

    Conductor’s Baton (Su): All dirgesingers carry wands of control undead that allow no save and provide a +10 circumstance bonus on Charisma checks to influence undead. These wands only work in the hands of the dirgesinger who originally carried them.

    Moving Melodies (Su): A dirgesinger can play two songs to create or conjure undead.

    Requiem of the Lost: As a swift action, a dirgesinger can make a Perform (string instruments) check to cast a version of summon undead, the version depending on how high the check result is.
    DC 25: summon undead I
    DC 30: summon undead II
    DC 34: summon undead III
    DC 37: summon undead IV
    DC 40: summon undead V
    These all have a caster level of 15. The summoned creatures remain for as long as the dirgesinger continually plays the lute, and for three rounds thereafter. If a dirgesinger stops playing, then starts again, the previously summoned creatures do not remain past the three rounds, a new check is made, and new undead are summoned.

    Wake the Dead: As a swift action, a dirgesinger can make a Perform (string instruments) check to animate nearby corpses. The check determines what spell is cast.
    DC 25: animate dead (caster level 7th, range of close)
    DC 35: create undead (caster level 15th)
    DC 40: create greater undead (caster level 18th)

    Spell-like abilities (Sp): At will—shatter (DC 19), shout (DC 21), silence (DC 19). Caster level 10th.

    Unearthly Grace (Su): A dirgesinger adds its Charisma bonus to its saving throws and as a deflection bonus to its Armor Class.

    Unholy Toughness (Su): A dirgesinger gains a bonus to its hit points equal to its Charisma bonus x its Hit Dice.
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