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    Accursed Conductor
    Medium Fey (Incorporeal)
    HD 30d6+ (Average HP)
    Speed Fly 30 ft. (Perfect)
    Init: +9 (+5 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
    AC X; touch X; flat-footed X
    BAB +15; Grp +17
    Attack Standard attack +6 Ghost Touch Rapier +26 melee
    (1d6+8, 18-20)
    Full-Attack Full attack +6 Ghost Touch Rapier +26/+21/+16 (1d6+8, 18-20)
    Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
    Special Attacks None
    Special Qualities Bardic Knowledge, Blind-sight, Glorious Hearing, Conjure Equipment, Immortal Accursed and Beloved, spell resistance 32, teleport, 15/epic and evil, Forever Silent, Immunity to Sonic, Spell-like Abilities
    Saves Fort +12 Ref +22 Will +29
    Abilities Str 14[+2], Dex 21[+5], Con 14[+2], Int 20[+5], Wis 35[+12] (base 27), Cha 49[+19] (Base 37)
    Skills Appraise +15 (+25 musical instruments), Bluff +39, Climb +?, Concentration +22, Craft (Musical Instrument) +38, Decipher Script +15, Diplomacy +52, Disguise +29, Escape Artist +15, Gather Information +39, Hide +10, Jump +?, Knowledge(Arcana) +15, Knowledge(Architecture and Engineering) +10 (+20 Acoustics analysis or design), Knowledge(Dungeoneering) +6, Knowledge(Geography) +15, Knowledge(History) +15, Knowledge(Nature) +10, Knowledge(Nobility and Royalty) +20, , Knowledge(Religion) +, Knowledge(The Planes) +15, Perform (Any type of musical) +64, Profession (Conductor) +57, Profession(Composer) +57, Tumble +30
    Feats Improved Initiative, Skill Focus (Listen, Profession(Conductor), Profession(Composer), Preform[Each type of musical, taken individually]), Epic Skill Focus (Listen, Profession(Conductor), Profession(Composer), Preform[Each type of musical, taken individually])(B), Persuasive, Polyglot, Weapon Finesse
    Environment Any
    Organization Unique
    Challenge Rating X
    Treasure Cloak of Epic Charisma +12, Peripet of Epic Wisdom (+8)
    Alignment Chaotic Neutral
    Advancement 31+

    The original name of the bard who became the accursed conductor has been blotted from the records of history by the hand of the one who laid the curse on him. All that is known is that his skill was surpassed only by his pride. It is said that he was challenged to a contest of music by the greatest Trumpet Archon ever to exist. In fact it is KNOWN he was challenged and the only dispute of the matter is whether it might not have been an avatar of Correleon Liratheon himself who challenged him. Knowing the risks of outdoing such a powerful being in a contest, he at first demurred pleading that basis, and only when his challenger swore a mighty binding oath not to take vengence on him for the results of the contest, whatever they might be, that the bard agreed. Sp they took it in turns to play and it is said that almost every creature within a day's journey in every direction would have died of thirst from standing still in awe of the memory of those sounds for so long (and they did so for long after the melodies had faded), had not the challenger had mercy on them and rendered them never to need bite nor sup nor sleep ever again. It is known that the elven bard won that contest, although some say his challenger lost intentionally. The challenger heaped blessings on the elven bard, praising him greatly, and then asked on favor to test his true weakness... he asked the privilege of being allowed to perform a short duet with the bard... the bard refused, saying that as he had won the contest by a great margin it only proved that his music would only be debased by being mixed with that of a lesser musician. The challenger begged him with sweat words as a respect for their mutual devotion to music to grant the challenger this boon and promised to grant even further blessings and to give him great gifts. The elf in his great pride still refused. The challenger thanked him for the contest again, and gave him a cloak in further gratitude. The bard donned it immediately, and fell victim to the curse it was partially the vector for... never again would he make music directly, but only through the hands and voices of others, until he learned true humility and respect for those lesser than him. Until such time he would wander, silent and untouchable through the plains, force by his love of music to seek out others and teach them, and allow them to copy the scores he conjured up.

    Glorious Hearing(Ex): The Accursed Conductor can not be Deafened by any means what-so-ever, and can dispel any number of Silence spells or effects an unlimited number of times per round as an immediate action provided the caster is not of at least Divine Rank 1. He can also hear the ENTIRE sonic spectrum, from at least a hundred times lower than below the lowest sound ever made by a whale to at least a hundred times higher than the highest bat sonar.

    Conjure Equipment(Su): The Accursed Conductor can transmute his incorporeal form to create soundless instruments to demonstrate technique on, musical scores for others to play or copy down, and weapons and armor to defend himself at need.
    Weapon: As +6 Rapier magical (not psionic) As per 25th level Soulknife but only +4 worth of enchantments(and different list he can pick from), no psychic strike.

    Forever Silent(Su): No being short of Divine Rank 1 is capable of rendering the accursed conductor corporeal or capable of making a sound. Ghost touch instruments fall silent at his touch, and in combat the only sounds are that of his opponent striking at the air. Even if contacted telepathically, his communications come out as images rather than speech or any other type of sound.

    Spell-like Abilities(Sp): At Will - Silence, 1/day Symbol of Deafness (as per Symbol of Blindness, but causes deafness instead), 1/month - Plane Shift. All abilities are as a 21st level Cleric.
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