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Wow. this PrC sounds a hell lot cooler with dragons.. (I'm more dragon than demon, so I'm a bit biaised )

Two thoughts:

1) The weapon's enhancement bonus should apply to the dragon's natural attacks.

2) A dragon should have his LA reduced for accomplishing the ritual of Veiled Shape; He gains no advantage from it.

2 might sund a bit steep, but I like to think of this PrC as a way for exiled dragons (Stripped of their powerful forms through magic) to gain this potential back, and much more. Playing a dragon is costly. The ritual might help making the option more likely to be playable.
Draconic Release (Su): At 2nd level, by channeling your true body, you are capable of releasing it through your weapon. To release the form of your weapon, you must enter a stance which you gain with this ability. Taking this stance requires a swift action. When released, your spirit weapon disappears, but it's consciousness fuses with yours, you have full access to all of your Draconic Abilities, gained throughout the class, and you gain a +2 insight bonus to attack rolls while using your natural weapons. You gain an enhancement bonus to bite and claw attacks equal to your spirit enhancement bonus.
2) Interesting thought... I might just have to do that. How does reducing the LA by ...3 sound?