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My main concern is balance. DnD has issues of balance as it is, with high-level wizards really being ungodly (of course, a lot of this has to do with the DM setting up appropriate encounters to play on everyone's strengths and not let the wizard dominate).
Mmm, yeah. There are some more limitations on spellcasters (getting wizard/cleric level spellcasting is massively feat-intensive and leaves you with very few tier benefits), but I think to some extent the main effect here is to stretch out the power curve a bit; at low levels spellcasters suffer more, but at high levels they're not that far off from where they were before. So there's going to still be room for tweaking on that front.

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Defaults are a bit different than what you've suggested, TeeEl, but easy to modify, and should be self-explanatory.
There's some interesting parallelism here in having more tier features go off a 0.25/0.5/0.75/1.0 scale, but I think the BAB curve as you lay it out is unnecessarily harsh; you can kiss the possibility of competent hybrid characters good-bye (when bards and rangers are utterly beyond the reach of your character building system it's time to re-evaluate things). You'd also need to gut spellcasters much more thoroughly to make the balance work; +1 BAB and a couple of extra HP is not even close to being as useful as +1 spellcasting level if spellcasters are anywhere close to where they were before, even if they do eat feats like crazy.

The expert feats also run somewhat contrary to the scale of other tier features, since they scale at an inverted rate and end up giving disproportionate advantage at the highest tier. On the other hand, there may be some justification to this, as otherwise Expert III may be a bit subpar; it's tough to make a really effective character on skills alone (unless the skill is named Use Magic Device, or possibly Diplomacy, but you don't need to dump everything into skill points to do that).

I'm not certain on that point, though. Rogues are the poster child for the characters embodied by Expert III builds, but rogues were never too shabby to begin with. Then you try to rebuild the rogue under this system and you end up with a very favorable balance of feats (on top of the extra skill points, but that doesn't count much since I give out more skill points in general.)