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It's a procedure, not a rule. We lock threads that reach 50 pages because the message board software doesn't handle very long threads very well. It's not in the official rules because, frankly, it's not anything that the posters need to worry about. Rules are things we don't want posters to do, and we have no problem with threads reaching 50 pages. No one gets warned or infracted for a thread reaching 50 pages. We just have a moderator procedure for what to do with those threads to ensure maximum software speed: lock them, but with the understanding that we encourage posters to start a new thread on the same topic. This happens all the time in, for example, Friendly Banter; one thread has reached its 100th version, if I'm not mistaken.

Unlike rules, we have many moderator procedures that are not specifically disclosed to the public, regarding how we monitor and maintain the board. Since none of them require any action on the part of the posters here, they don't actually need to be communicated to anyone. Those that affect the public at all are usually mentioned when a certain action is taken - such as saying, "Hey, it's our policy to lock threads at 50 pages, but feel free to start a new one." The only reason it's mentioned in Silly Message Board Games is that it happens just about every single day there, whereas it only comes up every few months in the other forums.

After all, the rules you are referring to are called the Rules of Posting, not the Rules of Everything That Ever Happens On This Board. They only deal with actions we expect our posters to take, not what we expect our moderators to deal with. I mean, there's no "rule" that says we're going to back up the message board database every night around 4:00 am, but we're going to do it anyway.
I respectfully disagree with this.

The 50-page limit may be limited as 'procedure' but it should be noted along with everything else. Otherwise it is unfair to the members of this board. Think about it.