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I respectfully disagree with this.

The 50-page limit may be limited as 'procedure' but it should be noted along with everything else. Otherwise it is unfair to the members of this board. Think about it.
I thought about it and still fail to see what the unfair part is.

It's not like we have to care about it. Thread reaches 50, some mod locks it. And as I've always seen them explaining that the reason is the lenght, and we should open a new one, it's not like there is much room for misunderstandings.
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I think it's just a problem of people seeing threads locked with red mod text at the end and automatically assuming someone got in trouble. Roland did add a... chastisement? Is that the right word? Firefox is telling me that it is a word... Roland did add a chastisement that might make you think someone did something wrong, tho.

I guess if you hadn't been around FB or SMBG, you might get the idea that locks are always punitive, altho I think simply re-posting the announcement stickied at the top of this subforum(Board Issues) that states that locks are not always punitive would be easy, quick, and keep everyone happy. *Shrug* That's my idea.
I get the point that the first idea of people seeing a mod lock might be "uh-oh", but they simply have to read what the mod actually said(and therefore I think reposting the announcement would be be somehow redundant when they explain their lock anyway.)
Concerning this example, Roland clearly states that the lock reason was only the lenght of the thread, and "Feel free to start a new one if you'd like" doesn't sound much like "This topic's in trouble".