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It does have location descriptions, but not really of the kind we'd need for a campaign setting. Many are stubs, and I'm not sure what they can tell me that I don't already know. As well, there's a specific format to be followed when describing locations for a D&D setting, which you can see I used in the Ba Sing Se entry. The last reason, and the least important, but one that should be mentioned nonetheless, is that I think I can describe these places better than wikipedia. A description that one enjoys reading is one that I plan to use. However, your point is taken, and I will consult the articles in my future additions to the post. Thanks for reminding me of that.
Good point, but there is one thing that that site told me that I didn't already know, names of places, some places were only named in Nick magazines while others were only named at Nick.com, I never bothered with either of those and when I put my map on that Wikia they all attacked it adding the names of places where I only had descriptions