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    Crafts of Blood

    (1)Vicious pole; (2)Gutter-sword; (3)Hook-knife;
    (4)Gut-spike; (5)Blade Knuckles; (6)Cresent Axe

    "They're mad... but they're the best craftsmen in this world, and I'd be a fool to turn down a crankshaft's blade."
    Serdin Verrindoll, master blacksmith

    Rageforged value only one thing above silver, and that is weaponry. Rageforged value weapons so much, that many of them will spend every bit of their intellect on designing new weapons engineered for spilling more blood and causing more painful deaths to their victims. Despite their crude designs, rageforged weapons are among the world's most masterfully designed and built weapons; sacrificing aesthetics for raw efficiency.
    Rageforged have little else in the way of effort put into creating items, but only a rough total of 75% of all rageforged artifacts salvaged from abandoned camps are weapons, the rest are twisted designs by rageforged artificers and the rare rageforged arcanist. No religious icons have ever been found in any camps that did not belong to a victim.

    Exotic Weapons
    {table=head]Name|Cost|Dmg (S)|Dmg (M)|Critical|Range|Weight|Type
    Light Weapons
    Gutspike|3 gp|1d2|1d3|18-20/x2|—|1/2 lb.|Piercing
    One-Handed Weapons
    Hook-Knife|5 gp|1d3|1d4|18-20/x2|—|1 lb.|Slashing
    Blade-Knuckles|10 gp|1d6|1d8|19-20/x2|—|2 lbs.|Slashing
    Two-Handed Weapons
    Cresent Axe|25 gp|1d8|2d6|19-20/x3|—|6 lbs.|Slashing and Piercing
    Gutter-Sword|19 gp|1d8|1d10|18-20/x2|—|5 lbs.|Slashing
    Vicious Pole|20 gp|1d10|2d6|x3|—|5 lbs.|Slashing or Piercing

    Blade-knuckles are a modified longsword, with a row of sharp spikes along the hand-guard. You can make unarmed strikes or slam attacks with a hand holding blade-knuckles; the attack deals lethal piercing damage and you gain a +3 bonus on the damage roll. Rageforged treat blade-knuckles as martial weapons.

    Cresent Axe
    One of the most bizarre weapons developed by rageforged blacksmiths is the cresent-axe. It appears as a large, almost full cresent blade attached to the end of a pole, and addorned with a few spikes and saw-teeth. Rageforged treat a cresent-axe as a martial weapon.

    A gutspike is a small length of steel sharpened to a point, intended to be jabbed into the entrails of an enemy. Rageforged treat the gutspike as a simple weapon.

    The gutter-sword is similar to a greatsword, but is slightly lighter and has a row of saw-teeth along its edge, used to gut enemies—hence the name. Rageforged treat the gutter-sword as a martial weapon.

    A hook-knife is a dagger-like blade that is cruelly curved, ideal for disembowelment. Rageforged treat the hook-knife as a martial weapon.

    Vicious Pole
    The vicious pole is a hybrid of the longspear and greataxe. It has a long wooden shaft, topped by an axe-head that has a sharpened point coming out of the top of it. The axe-head can be used to slash down foes, while the spear-point can be used to impale them. The vicious pole is a reach weapon. Rageforged treat the vicious pole as a martial weapon.

    Magic Items

    As is expected, a vast majority of all rageforged magic items are built for bloodshed. Many other kinds of rageforged magic items include preserving the shine of silver or keeping a single corpse in it's current state of decay as to keep trophies longer.

    Reaver Bomb
    These ragged metal devices just about big enough to fit in the palm of one's hand and forged from grey metal are one of the main warfare utilities of rageforged artificers. When thrown as a standard action, a reaver bomb explodes on a point and fills a twenty-foot area with twisted blades. Each non-rageforged caught in the burst are treated as if attacked, with a +10 bonus to the attack, slashing damage equal to 2d6+5, and a 19-20/x2 critical range. Once used, the bomb is forever expended and the blades almost instantly rust and decay, becoming useless.
    Faint conjuration; CL 9th; Craft Magical Arms and Armor, whirling blade; Price 850 gp
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