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    All of Siosilvar's homebrew works are free to use for noncommercial purposes, as long as you include this notice.

    Originally Posted By Advanced D & D Dungeon Masters Guide - Afterword
    It is the spirit of the game, not the letter of the rules, which is important. Never hold to the letter written, nor allows some barracks room lawyer to force quotations from the rule book upon you, if it goes against the obvious intent of the game. As you hew the line with respect to conformity to major systems and uniformity of play in general, also be certain the game is mastered by you and not by your players. Within the broad parameters given in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons volumes, you are creator and final arbiter. By ordering things as they should be, the game as a whole first, your campaign next, and your participants thereafter, you will be playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as it was meant to be. May you find as much pleasure in doing so as the rest of us do!
    My Homebrewed Material
    Prestige Classes (PrCs)
    Duelist PrC [3.5] - An attempt to make an outdated Prestige Class usable without using Tome of Battle mechanics. Also includes the Sniper's Precision feat for ranged characters with precision damage.
    Lightning Blade [3.5] - Because the first strike is often the last. Also includes the first staggered PrC.

    Old Material
    Kensai (Original Base Class) - Please note that it's rather poorly designed.
    Spellguns (posted on MythWeavers)
    Spells (posted on MythWeavers)
    Complete Warrior Feats - Invested [d20r][/spoiler]

    Homebrew Tips
    Always be open to the suggestions of others. That doesn't mean you have to implement them, but you should at least take them into consideration.

    Always, always, always use a spelling checker and make sure your sentences make sense! If someone who's reading your homebrew rolls poorly on their Decipher Script, they may think the ability does something completely different from your intent. If you don't have access to a spellchecker or English isn't one of your strong points, just try your hardest, even if it means proofreading three or four times before you post homebrew.

    Fluff isn't strictly necessary, but it's difficult to suggest changes or even give a critique of what's there without it. Balance follows intent just as form follows function.

    In addition to the above warning about spelling and grammar, watch your commas. A simple comma splice can completely change the meaning of a statement.

    Helpful homebrewing links
    Djinn in Tonic's Philosophy of Creation original threads: Djinn in Tonic's Philosophy of Creation & What to Make, and how to Make it Special
    Fax Celestis's Guide to Homebrewing: Mostly formatting and how to post homebrew on the boards.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Rules
    The original poster of a creation in Homebrew (and only that poster) may revive a creation beyond the six-week threshold without prior Moderator approval.
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