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    Here are some of my 3.5 and Pathfinder creations. All are 3.5 unless designated otherwise.


    Derivative Work

    Monstrous Pixie Vampire I Added Monstrous Vampire Template to a pixie (not terribly original)
    Fluffy the Doomkitty My paragon cat of legend. For humor's sake. Use at your own peril.
    Cecaelia Inspired by Ursula the Sea Witch from Disney's Little Mermaid.
    Janus Golem Based on Roman God of Gates and Doors.
    Schrödinger's Cat Based on Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger's experiment.
    Honey Dragon Based on Tim Martin's idea
    Davy Jones From Pirates of the Caribbean
    Davy Jones' Kraken Ditto
    Bootstrap Bill Turner Ditto
    Sweeney Todd From movie of same name
    Maleficent From Disney's Sleeping Beauty
    Merfolk, Lake from Harry Potter
    Oogie Boogie and his minions from Nightmare Before Christmas
    Pictsies (Nac Mac Feegle) from Discworld
    The Luggage from Discworld
    Watchdog From the Phantom Tollbooth (a children's book -- read it).
    Weeping Angel From Doctor Who.
    Parrot Ox from Oz
    Care Bear from TV series of the same name.
    Kali Statue from The Golden Voyage of Sinbad.
    Springjack from M:tG
    Greek Erinyes Based on ngilop's version
    Fawkes Phoenix From Harry Potter, and based on ideas from backpackjack
    Storm Crow From M:tG
    Clockwerk From Sly Cooper Video Game, and based on AkazilliaDeNaro's Clockwerk
    Dune Sandworm 3.5 updated from D20 Modern
    Rapunzel updated to 3.5 from Grimm by Fantasy Flight Games
    Thriller (Dancing Zombie) Thanks to Michael Jackson and IncarnumJunkie
    Zuni Warrior Fetish Doll derived from Trilogy of Terror
    Cadbury Rabbit I heavily edited this though original idea belongs to others.

    Easter Bunny
    I heavily edited this as well though original idea belongs to Nilbog.
    Vorpal Rabbit updated from Ringo's version at
    Eversheep for Yallirus and based on his spell
    Dreidel Golem M:tG
    Werehouse based on Tvtyrant's idea
    Beer Elemental for Cipherthe3vil's Booze Domain
    Qupqugiaq, Young for SuperDave based on his original material
    Qupqugiaq, Cub for SuperDave based on his original material
    Pebbles the Ogre Bouncer using Dspeyer's Bouncer Prestige Class
    Awakened Stuffed Toys (Dolly Llama and Ted E. Bear) based on Awakened Stuffed Toy Template by Riven_T_McGuire
    Awakened Stuffed Toy Wu Zhu (giant panda monk) Ditto
    Awakened Stuffed Toy Roy G. Biv (tie-dyed pony wizard) Ditto
    Drakin for Reality Glitch and based on his idea
    Amber Bee I made this for Milo
    AZ-I-WU-GUM-KI-MUKH-'TI Made for Crossroads Setting [Pathfinder]
    Pseudonatural Ghoul What happens when you add the pseudonatural template from Epic Level Handbook to a ghoul.
    Pseudonatural Ghoul 2What happens when you add pseudonatural creature template from Complete Arcane to a ghoul
    Charming Cockatrice
    Conversion of Sersa Victory's Living Cloudkill Hurricane to 3.5
    Rhine Maiden Inspired by Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen.
    Jogah, Gandayah Made for Crossroads Setting [Pathfinder]
    Jogah, Gahonga Made for Crossroads Setting [Pathfinder]
    Jogah, Ohdowa Made for Crossroads Setting [Pathfinder]
    Bonfire of the Vanities An offshoot of fire elemental that targets magical books and scrolls
    Cat sorcerer and his cat familiar based on Atlas Sniperman's work.
    Ravenloft witch thread This is a coven of witches for use with Sword and Sorcery's 3.5 Ravenloft setting using 3rd party material from the free netbook Liber Mysterium: The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks that I worked on years ago.
    Gargoyle, Sharkacinth Pathfinder edition made for Prince Zahn
    Conversion of Climbdog from Arms & Equipment Guide to 3.5 also with Magebred Template and Warbeast Template.
    Indominus rex from Jurassic World for Pathfinder
    Sea Tyrant from D-Infinity. Conversion to 3.5 because I felt like it.
    Elsa from Disney's Frozen This is just a completed stat block using other's work. for Pathfinder.
    Jormengand's Thaumavore I just added the ecology section to go with Jormengand's Thaumavore's stats, which I only edited it so it has proper skills, updated magebane ability, and full traits (as it was missing darkvision 60 ft. and low-light vision). This is just my take on his stat block and not any attempt to wrest creative control from him. Please give him full credit if you use this.
    Aspect of Air a 1 HD aspect of the cosmos using ObliviMancer's rules.
    Halter Brewstein, 4th level dwarf Innkeeper made using the online innkeeper class.
    Niffler from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

    DracoDei's Accursed Conductor as edited by me: Accursed Conductor
    Conversion of Keg Golem from 5e to 3.5
    Conversion of Giant Shark Bowl Ooze from 5e to 3.5
    Conversion of Alliumite from 5e t0 3.5
    Cursed Warriors of Anubis based on Cyvlops08's original post about reskinning ghouls and picture therein and Neostar's Accursed Warrior of Anubis, with some tweaking by me.
    Celestial Alicorn Medusa Uses Celestial template and Frathe's Alicorn Template on a medusa.
    Conversion of Bed Dragon from 5e to Pathfomder (1e) humor, breaks rules a bit.

    Mostly Original Work

    Pearl Dragon
    Coral Dragon
    Caterwaul Doh! I completely forgot there was a creature by this name already. Mine is completely different.
    Soldier of Misfortune Winner as part of pair in Monster Competition LIII - The Hunt
    Angel, Dairymaid winner GITP Monster Competition XLIV
    Dire Fighting Chicken and Fiendish Dire Fighting Chicken For newbDM
    Dire Fighting Rooster
    Mob of Fangirls
    Christmas Goose
    Pumpkin Imp
    Mob of Drunken Hooligans
    Spume Elemental
    Cardboardeaux Winner of New Monster Competition 1: Back and of simple construction
    Bullet Ant Swarm
    Cihuateotl A nasty undead seductress for Crossroads
    Variant treants A trio tied for 1st place in The Flesh Alchemists' Convention II: And Now For Something (not) Completely Different.
    Amnesiac Olive Treant thanks to lynx502 because a crazy olive treant would be even more hilarious. I tweaked the Pathfinder amnesia rules for this to apply to creatures.
    Mulberry Tree Dryad and Monstrous Giant silkworm and sylvan silk armor The creatures of Fey should have an otherworldly outlook. I try to tie them to the land in a way that makes sense.
    Bumblebear I apparently forgot about this oldie but it's here now
    Lector Sprite To shush you in the library
    Pegicorn Another one of mine that didn't make it over from the WotC message board purge.
    Fiendish Pegicorn
    Cherry Blossom Dryad
    Dragon, Autumnal

    Prestige Classes
    Acolyte of the Blessed Imelda Marcos

    Fairy Godmother Maleficent (see above) uses this class
    The Dieter
    Priestess of Lolth Made with dantiesilva and updates the Zin-carla Template.

    Magic Items
    Underwater Parchment
    Cursed teas inspired by DracoDei (It's all his fault)
    Rod of Misplaced Items
    My version of Cipher's Timeless Ring
    Updated Amulet of Fowl Language by Spikeof2010
    Basket of Never-Ending Prismatic Eggs This updates the item in my Easter Bunny above.
    Golden Fiddle for Kellus' Golden Fiddler Prestige Class and devil
    I updated the AD&D magic item Egg of Reason to be consistent with 3.5
    Insect glaive for CrazyYanmega
    Queen Bees' Magical Honeypot
    Mimir (conversion of 2e magical item)

    Piñata Creature Template
    Wannabee Template
    Animal Cracker Template to go with the spell below.
    Undead Diva Made for nickia

    Bear Feats
    Hoary Crone Feat Inspired by Cipher's hair feats

    Other Stuff

    Misplaced Objects (spell)
    Animal Cracker Shapes (spell) See also Animal Cracker Template above.
    Cause Bare (spell) for misheard spells
    Cause Beer (spell) for misheard spells
    Hideous Daughter (spell) for misheard spells
    Updated Turbo164's Sharknado Spells
    Fixed Monk of reason's Tasha's Hideous Breath spell
    Clean Water Spell
    Hand Mine Field Spell (based on Doctor Who)
    Everchicken spell and chckenslide based on Yllarius' eversheep thread (see above).
    Thunderwave spell conversion from 5e to Pathfinder
    New Ray Cantrips (ray of sunshine, ray of storms)
    Flight of the Bumblebee and Ride of the Valkyries Inspired by the music of same name and because we need a little levity in the game.

    New Domains
    Pie Domain
    Schrödinger's Domain

    New Non-Magical Items
    Healing Poultice (Alchemical) A really bad idea.
    Orcish War Paint (non-magical) based on johnswiftwood's idea.
    Mundane crushing tankard because drunken hooligans need something else to do and it's a silly component of Tenser's keg stand.
    Stats for Captain Nemo's Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    Stats for Captain Nemo's Underwater Electric Pellet Rifle

    Ebon Iron Special Material based on Raven Frostwolf's idea.
    Monstrous Rage Special Ability for Monster Hunter Converted Monsters
    Disease, Skittlespox (silly)

    Diamorus, The Searcher Based on ideas from Toapat, Network and deomonman24.

    Monster Making Advice
    Table Making Advice (not mine but useful)

    Netbooks I Worked On
    Sadly most of these are currently unavailable.
    Oz OGL:[1].pdf NOTE site is currently frozen.
    3.5 Liber Mysterium: Netbook of Witches and Warlocks This site seems to be down as well
    #35 Inn of Last Resorts
    Zeta Kai's excellent Final Fantasy X D20 Netbook
    Bhu's Cat Burglar Netbook.
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