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    Necroclock Devices: A technology system combining necromancy and clockwork. Largely uses grafts.

    Base Classes
    Fragmented (on hold): Uses multiple personalities to develop separate skills.
    Necrocore (on hold): Controls dead matter with ease (can't be taken first level)
    Wisp Fire Guide: A guiding light to the afterlife.
    Ozodrin (In progress): Become an eldritch horror with large amounts of variation.
    Twilight Caster: Take control of the forces from both the Plane of Shadows and the Ethereal Plane depending on the time of day. (contest)
    Ethercaster: Use energy from the Ethereal Plane to defeat your foes (also includes twilight caster and Ethereal Magic).
    Sponge: Share pain with those around you for good or ill. (contest)
    Dancer: Dance to perform magic. Based off a class by UserShadow7989.

    Prestige Classes
    Believer of the Void (contest): Attempt to disbelieve reality... successfully
    Ghost Blade (contest): Become incorpreal to evade your opponent.
    Wisp fire guide: Murderous trickster? No, I preffer to think of myself as a guiding light... to the next life.
    Task Mage: Of course you should fight fire with fire. You should fight everything with fire.
    Ozodrin PRCs: A thread where various ozodrin PRCs can be found or are linked to.
    Macabre Mask Maker (contest): Xenoalchemy grafts applied to and by masks.

    Monster Classes
    Gilim--r-r (contest): A ball of tentacles and nothing else.

    Ifiol: Fatal damage only makes them feel better.
    Licids: Based on the Magic the Gathering creatures of the same name.
    Ghūl: Based on the traditional creature, can turn into a hyena or people its eaten.
    Blooded - a race that focuses on bloodlines.

    Trillnath (current): A hive type creature that adapts to be resistant to damage types, while you fight them.
    Soul Specter (on hold): A type of spirit with unique abilities.
    Spirit Gate (contest): A gate to the ethereal plane made of spirits that seeks to gain more souls to expand itself.
    Shiny (contest): A small creature that pretends to be a useless but irresistibly shiny object so others will pick it up.

    Guillotine: A weapon inspired by the guillotine.

    World Building Projects
    Sun Behind Night (In progress): An inside out world.

    Plane of Nothingness: It doesn't exist.

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    [creature]Shiny: Monster Competition XXXVI entry.
    [class]Wisp fire guide: Follow me. I have such sights to show you.
    [class]Ozodrin: A class to play as an eldritch horror.
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