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No, because there is a difference between killing and murder
A "really really good society" wouldn't think so, though, and neither do you, since you already qualified ending the life of someone who cannot resist it as an inarguably evil act regardless of circumstance, intention, or whether it is deserved or agreed upon by any persons.

Really, even if you take that tack you only raise the question of who has or doesn't have the right to arbitrate the difference between killing and murder, which is even more inconstant. Essentially, you say that V disintegrating him is murder but a group of old men beheading him for the exact same reasons is just killing. All that really does is posit that there are poeple who reserve the right to decide what is good and what is evil, or at least circumstances exist where such judications can be made, which further contradicts your idea of white/black morality by making it completely moot and inconstant.


Elitist; noun; consciousness of being a person or belonging to a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence

Technically, we agree completely: why pretend to be something anyone can tell you aren't? Of course, since I couldn't find it anywhere in the good ol' 11th Edition, I couldn't look up 'elitest,' so perhaps I am just in need of more reliable reference and the descriptor fits you perfectly. But I know which way to bet.