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    Hehe, V doesn't like being upstaged in his monologues. XD

    Seriously, though, I was pleasantly surprised when I dully checked for a comic today, and was ready to scream with joy when I read this.

    I don't get what people mean when they say Vaarsuvius did an evil act because he just disintegrated Kubota without knowing that he'd killed Therkla/was planning this or that. For that, you have to assume Vaarsuvius really DID just 'walk in and shoot', in typical Mal fashion. I think it's just as easy to assume that he walked in, heard the obviously captured villain ranting about getting away with it all into Elan's face, made the appropriate conclusions (what with Elan being Elan), and kicked Kubota into the proverbial engine, so to speak. ....What? That has GOT to become a proverb! :D

    But yeah, the sole purpose of the escaping Ninja is probably to testify against Vaarsuvius on this... (Now that I think of it, Kubota probably wasn't intending to go to trial at all, and was just stalling for time, knowing that his ninja is still around and waiting him to overpower Elan.)

    Frankly, I'm more interested in how Vaarsuvius managed to disintegrate Kubota through Elan, and what would've happened if he'd missed a little. XD
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