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This comic was interesting enough that I made an account to post in this thread.

I think there's an interesting argument here based off not only what do the D&D rules say, but what's real and what do people know as their characters?

Too often people treat Good and Evil like Bioware treated the light and darkside in the Kotor games. A solution that works for the best good would often earn darkside points. The best example I can remember here is when on Korriban you'd have some Sith Punks harassing a random dude.

You pretty much had the option to:

A: Kill all the Sith and save him
B. Join in and ill him and get a drink with the Sith.
C. Kill them all
D. Kick him around a little bit to convince the Sith you're on their side, then convince them that killing random dudes are no fun.

Only A, the second bloodest option was only lightside. Only B was completely Darkside. C would give you points for saving the dude before killing him randomly, and D would give you darkside points for deception. Despite the fact that C is the blood thirsty Crazy and D is the best outcome.

What I try to illustrate from that is an evil act in the service of good can have a much better outcome then killing all the evil dudes, or doing the noble thing. In my own RPing I saw the potential to convert those Sith later back to the light.

What V did is unethical perhaps. Killing a prisoner? Yeah, generally speaking bad. We can guess that V heard the whole argument and has spoken enough with Elan to know the whole spiele about the Civil war that would manifest from putting him on trial with out good evidence.

I'd suggest that V knows the mere act of depending on a truth spell would make the other nobles uncomfortable. Elan and the Katos are known partisans of Hinjo. They are not going to be considered neutral by Nobles who are suspicious of Hinjo. Needing truth magic on our now dead prisoner and trying to base the case on that would not sit well with other Nobles. A civil war alone is a pretty bad fate and one to avoid. Now he's dead, but in away that's deniable 100% and he's unable to plot anymore. And at worst their will be unprovable suspicion on V.

Let alone that all this time being wasted? THREATENS THE FATE OF THE WORLD.

Those caps are sadly needed. All this time wasted? Threatens the world. This side quest means our favorite Lich and his self-hating assistant have more time to End The World.

That trial would also make unstable the best NPC allies, rending the ability for them to help impotent.

I prefer the "In Pale Moonlight" ethics of this situation. For those of you unfamiliar with DS9, Sometimes you gotta do evil to win. Reality can be harsh to lawful good, and an evil act may be the only way to keep the freaking world alive, because good can't always be stopping to get cats outta trees.
1) In D&d good and evil are objective. Right and wrong are subjective.
2) That being said, the moment you start saying "this is for the greater good" or "Ends justifies the means' your basically admitting that evil won by you narrowing your focus to not include the good option available to you, because apperently they are too difficult.