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But an ape can stop climbing, do something else while hanging from a branch, then continue climbing again.
Fine, bad example, what happens if a monk is shot while using his Slow Fall? Just can't really plan for every occassion. You can be on fire and still manage to bluff someone out using a feint without making checks.

Hmm...seems to me that it would take a little more precision to leap gracefully from wall to wall than to run along the ground, but it's your creature...
Well, it IS a magical beast ;)

How do druids feel about Alley Wolves?
I'd say they feel both saddened and impressed by them. Not every creature can adapt to a completely new enviroment, and they've more than thrived here.

In fact, some of the more neutral druids may even have a sense of vindication from seeing the wolves getting back at the creatures who took over their once natural lands.