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Thread: 4E Does what Nintendon't (Race, PEACH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AstralFire View Post
    I think Amy's been playable more than Shadow, actually. Or they're very close. But I don't think Shadow's playable in Sonic Advance series, which sets him behind a few.
    Ah. Right. I've just played more Shadow-playable games than Amy-playable...

    My Piko Piko Hammer has been edited into my previous post and the OP...

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow_Elf View Post
    Makes sense. I was just pointing it out. Mechanically it looks pretty good, but those speeds are going to get pretty darn ridiculous pretty fast.
    But not ridiculously fast enough compared to Sonic... I mean, we're not even breaking 930 squares/round yet... (~Mach 1 at sea level) (It's capped out at ~21 per round...)
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