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Thread: 4E Does what Nintendon't (Race, PEACH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arbitrarity View Post
    Chaos emerald daily is massively overpowered. You can recover an item daily after a milestone, so that means 2 standard action/round for ever other fight. Heck, that daily beats out Wizard Daily Utility 22, Time Stop, which gives 2 standard actions ONCE, which cannot be used to attack any other creature.
    Yes, but you can only use each item power once per day, and the Chaos Emeralds are not normal Wondrous Items. I meant for them to be somewhat horribly broken, just to reinforce how powerful the Chaos Emeralds are supposed to be. It would be reasonable to put a cap on the number of rounds it works, but that's not a common mechanic in 4E. I might change it to "2 standard actions per round until the end of your next turn," though...
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