I know at least one of you hates the role play vs roll play pun, but its relevant here.

To V's "player", the gam..erm.. quest, is a linear series of obstacles to overcome, which give you experience, which let you overcome more obstacles, untill you can complete the final que..ermm. save the world. WHY therkla, Kubato, and the demon need to be defeated is an irrelevant waste of precious brain power. They're just a block of stats, special abilities, HP and AC. Thats it. Beat them, collect the xp and move on. He's not immersed in the game, so he treats it like a game.

To elan's player, actualy getting to the resolution is almost irrelevant. Its the journey that matters. The drama, the relationships, the interactions, the love and tensions are what matters, and all the world saving stuff and combat is just a smaller, less important element that drives the rest of the story. He's fully immersed in the game, so he treats the people like they're as real as he is.