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    Now I'm curious as to how Hinjo will have to react to this.

    Elan may or may not still tell him, but if he does, how is Hinjo to do?

    In one sense a major thorn in his and his peoples side is gone and V might be a bit dangerous to confront. On the other hand there is the whole Paladin thing, as well as being bound to uphold the laws of Azure City - and it probably would, with Azure City laws, seem Kubota was murdered.

    So if it does come out - does he confront V? Try and exile him? Does he have any wriggle room to ignore or cover up what happened?

    Nah; I think he's just trying the old Gandalf/Bilbo act....
    The bit where Gandalf threatens to disintegrate Bilbo if he continues to annoy him like he just disintegrated Gollum a moment before for the same reason?
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