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As for this argument, I'd side with Elan. He said flat out multiple times that Kubota's death wasn't going to keep him up at nights, but that lying to Hinjo just might. V's accusation that he cheated on Haley when someone just died in his arms because he refused to do just that was finally enough to elicit something of a "you know what? screw you." response from Elan. Even that response came after a moment's pause and came out calm and controlled. No crying tantrum this time.
Yes, Elan's reaction is perfectly understandable. He's just gone through something fairly traumatic and is very sensitive, and V's not only being more callous than usual but is also rather upset and letting some very sharp words drop.

However, V's reaction is also completely understandable. As I posted earlier, being called without depth, horrible and mean after everything he's been doing for the Order IN SPITE of their own efforts, most recently saving all of their necks... Under these circumstances, it would make anyone snap.

Therefore I think it's apparent that neither of them is wrong or right, as their actions are justified from an 'in their shoes' perspective.