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I have the impression that the conversation between Elan's and Vaarsuivius' players went something like this:
"Oh, now you've done it. My hands and eyes start glowing with arcane power..."
"You are so bluffing."
"Am not."
"Are too. Don't even bother rolling."
I'm more of the impression that it wen't more something like this.

Elan's Player:Just you wait. You're character is gonna get it when I tell the paladin.

V's Player:Bah.. You're just angry cause I ended your solo-plot and want to get back to the main story were everything dosen't revolve around your character's love-life.. Of which we've already have had a story including yet ANOTHER of your personal villains AND your girlfriend's character.

Elan's Player.:Well I'm still telling.

V's Player:Oh yeah.. Maybe I'll kill you with another disintigrate?

Elan's Player.:Yeah just try it. I have more Hps then you and a better Fortitude save then Kubota. Besides you're out of high level spells. Go ahead and roll your intimidate check if you want. Mr. I put all my ranks into spellcraft and knowledge Arcane. Maybe throw some dazzeling lights and darkvision in there just for effect. Maybe you'll get a nice circumstance bonus.

*V's player Rolls Dice* HAH!! 15 +1 for my charisma modifier equals 16.

*Elan's player rolls the opposed roll and looks sad.*

V's player:HOHO "1"!! You just got owned by my Arcane eloquence!

Elan's Player:Is Hinjo just around the corner on the boat?
Elan's Player:SWEET! +4 circumstance bonus vs Fear!
*Elan's "idiot defense" ensues.*