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Thread: Elan VS V's Veiws as a player conflict

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    derfenrirwolv, I think there might be some validity to what you're saying. However, I'd suggest a modified set of descriptions with a different bias to balance the view:

    'To elan's player, actualy getting to the resolution is almost irrelevant. As long as the play focuses on the story of his own character - his character's relationships, his character's interactions, the love and tensions between his character and others - he's happy. All the world saving stuff and combat is a small, unimportant element that just provides a backdrop for his story. Involving NPCs with his character is especially valuable, since that avoids wasting spotlight time on the other players' characters and allows the other players to concentrate on being an appreciative audience for him; for this reason, he treats the those particular NPCs as being as real as his character is.

    'To Vaarsuvius' player, the story is there to provide a series of interesting encounters for the players to overcome together. Each encounter provides for character advancement, which lets the group overcome more and more difficult obstacles until they can finally complete the long term goal of saving the world. Therkla and Kubota were irrelevant side plots tossed in just to please the spotlight hog and waste everyone else's time; the demon was similar, though at least it provided an interesting opponent.'
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