As long as the play focuses on the story of his own character - his character's relationships, his character's interactions, the love and tensions between his character and others - he's happy

Given how happy Elan is for other people's sub plots

I don't think he needs to be the one having emotional/character development as long as SOMEONE's getting it. I don't think he's the emo spotlight hog you're making him out to be. He didn't ask V why heshe wasn't crying over a lost lute or the death of "the guy with a halbard" he was asking V about one person V had killed in cold blood and another person V had just sat there and watched for 10 minutes. He doesn't understand why V isn't enjoying the story

'To Vaarsuvius' player, the story is there to provide a series of interesting encounters for the players to overcome together.
V NEEDS to win. Its not enough for him to be good or interesting he needs to win. V was AWSOME during the battle for azure city. He took out the elementals, and held the gap with some creative buffs and maximizing the effective warrior level/foot ^2 at the gap. Except against the Mounted undead,every spell he used was used to its upmost effectiveness.
It wasn't enough because he lost.