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    Question Re: 3.5e overhaul: generic classes homebrew project

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Snark View Post
    A question- at the moment, it doesn't look like there's any way to have a spontaneous caster who uses the druid spell list, nor can a spontaneous divine caster gain access to domains.
    I'd be up for switching Cleric spells only for choosing between the Cleric and Druid spell lists at first level.

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Snark View Post
    Neither of those are particularly well-represented in D&D, of course (the spirit shaman is a rather odd take on a spontaneous druid, and the favored soul for some reason lacks domains), but since the point of this project is not to be constrained by what classes you can find, is there any chance we'll see either of those options?
    The Mystic (Dragonlance) is the only spontaneous caster I know of who starts with a domain and I'd be perfectly willing to adapt the Domain class feature to support such a model. The Mystic gains one domain at first level and all spells from the domain count as known. That would, of course, be the model only for spontaneous casters.
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