The City of Chaos and the Secret Shame of the Slaadi

Eons ago, there arose in the pure chaos the planar race known as the slaadi. These beings ranged the gamut of all shapes, bizarre and exotic enough to give pause even to the inhabitants of the Far Realm. Though among the most ancient and fractious of the planar races, there arose among them beings who commanded the respect, if not the loyalty, of their kindred: the Slaad Lords.

These beings reveled in the chaos of their land, and founded the Spawning Stone to further the spread of their race. Under their terrible power, Limbo throbbed and thrived with wild energy.

But then arose Rennbuu, and his power was enough to shake the mighty Lords to the core. The innate chaos that is slaad had proven able to once again give rise to beings equal to their power. Thus, the Slaad Lords quested to reduce the chance of this event. Peering beyond the Outer Planes, to the realms of mortals, they determined ways to reduce their number.

The Slaad Lords purged from Limbo all slaad but those who reproduced sexually or via parasitism. They then delved deeper still, and brought about the Anathema.

They brought Law into Limbo.

Ssendam and Ygorl justified this to one another, saying that there was Chaos in order, and that true randomness allowed reason to appear. Nonetheless, by casting the most hidden sigils of Order onto the Spawning Stone, they commited the ultimate heresy. In far corners of the multiverse, derision echoed, mocking the concept of an ordered race being the exemplars of chaos.

Nonetheless, the Slaad Lords pressed on. Toiling to conceal the rare "true" slaadi that arose from time to time, Ygorl groomed an apprentice to join him in the seat of power. Ssendam lent her influence to the Spawning Stone, but generally ignored the lesser slaad.

Despite their efforts, and the bounding of the slaad into their current fronglike shape, the Slaad Lord Chourst arose. Ssendam and Ygorl were reluctant to commit Anathema yet again; thus did they ignore the upstart.

Their error has recently been compounded. Another layer of Limbo has been detected, apprearing as an infinite city perfused by pillars of pure elemental energy. This City of Chaos may have been established by lawful beings, using the stolen sigils from the Spawning Stone. The more intelligent slaad love the city, as do beings from all across the planes - at least those who know how to get there.

Ssendam and Ygorl will have none of it. Though they cannot undo what has been wrought, they are desperate to conceal the second layer from the multiverse. They have also changed the sigils marking the Spawning Stone, commiting Second Anathema in a bid to once again conceal the means to effect true change in Limbo.

Though the guard has been increased, the damage has been done. Two new Slaad Lords have risen, and creatures from other planes have slipped into ordered pockets. In the time of the Stone's unbinding, new slaad breeds formed and were unleashed across the planes. It remains to be seen how the new sigils will affect the slaadi - and how the City of Chaos will change the power balance of the planes.