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Thread: Limbo 4.0 (3.5, PEACH) [COMPLETE]

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    Yellow Slaad
    Large Outsider (Chaotic, Extraplanar)
    HD 15d8+75 (157 hp)
    Speed 60 ft. (12 squares)
    Init: +7
    AC 33; touch 18; flat-footed 24 (+15 natural, +6 deflection, +3 Dex, -1 size)
    BAB +15; Grp +27
    Attack Claw +22 melee (3d6+8 and 1d6 electric, 19-20/x2 and 1d10 electric) or kinetic blade +22 melee (2d8+8 and 1d6 electric, 17-20/x2)
    Full-Attack 4 claws +22 melee (3d6+8 and 1d6 electric, 19-20/x2 and 1d10 electric) and bite +20 melee (2d8+4 and poison) or 2 kinetic blades +22 melee (2d8+8 and 1d6 electric, 17-20/x2) and bite +20 melee (2d8+4 and poison)
    Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
    Special Attacks Kinetic blades, poison, summon slaad, spell-like abilities
    Special Qualities Blinding brilliance, change shape, deflection, electric immunity, slaad traits, SR 25, fast healing 10, DR 15/lawful
    Saves Fort +14 Ref +14 Will +7
    Abilities Str 27, Dex 16, Con 21, Int 11, Wis 7, Cha 16
    Skills Climb +26, Intimidate +21, Jump +26, Knowledge (the planes) +18, Listen +16, Sense Motive +16, Spot +16, Tumble +21
    Feats Dodge, Improved Critical (kinetic blade), Improved Initiative (B), Improved Natural Attack (claw), Lightning Reflexes (B), Mobility, Multiattack (B), Power Attack, Spring Attack
    Environment Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo
    Organization Solitary
    Challenge Rating 16
    Treasure Standard
    Alignment Always chaotic neutral
    Advancement 16-24 HD (Large); 25-40 HD (Huge)
    Level Adjustment -

    Yellow slaadi have been a rarity in Limbo for millenia. Since the creation of the Spawning Stone, gray slaadi questing for ultimate power have sought the secrets of the transformation into death slaadi. However, those who exist without undergoing the ritual for at least a hundred years take a different road. After retreating for a year, they return as yellow slaadi, possessing incredible energy powers that put them on a par with the death slaadi.

    Yellow slaadi are laconic, condescending and inquisitive. Unlike death slaadi, they rarely seek out greater power than what they already have, and lack the patience to train. Yellows occasionally team up to take on advanced slaadi, such as whites and blacks. If a particular death slaad is spoiling fun in the area, a yellow slaad will take action.

    A yellow slaad stands 16 ft. tall, roughly resembling a froglike humanoid. Its flesh and scales are an iridescent yellow, giving off a brilliant glow. The yellow's face has two long, jagged ridges running from its nostrils to its brow, and two tusklike protrusions on the corners of its jaw. Narrow spikes festoon its shoulders, and it bears three claws on each hand instead of two. The yellow slaad has a set of gills on each side of its head and one on its neck that constantly leak blue mist.

    Yellow slaadi are fully aware of their abilities and take advantage of them in combat. In humanoid form, a yellow slaad can still employ its kinetic blades. Generally, it prefers its spell-like abilities and claws, using its poisonous bite sparingly.

    Kinetic Blades (Su) A yellow slaad can project two blades of kinetic energy from its fingertips. These blades work as Large brilliant energy shock bastard swords. Kinetic blades are part of a yellow slaad's kinetic transmission ability.

    Poison (Ex) Injury, Fort save DC 22, initial damage 1d8 Con and 1d8 Cha, secondary damage 1d10 Con and 1d10 Cha. A creature reduced to 0 Cha by the poison must make another Fort save (DC 22) or transform in 1d6 x 10 minutes: if an arcane spellcaster, into a green slaad; if a psionic creature, a pink slaad; if a divine spellcaster, a purple slaad; otherwise, the creature takes another 1d10 Con damage.

    Deflection (Su) The yellow slaad's kinetic energy imparts a +6 deflection bonus while it actively generates a kinetic field around itself. When flat-footed, it is denied its deflection bonus to AC.

    Blinding Brilliance (Ex) A yellow slaad constantly glows with a potent yellow light, shedding bright illumination in a 60 ft. radius. This light effectively gives the slaad a -10 penalty to Hide checks. All those within 30 ft. who look at a yellow slaad must make a Fortitude save (DC 22) or be blinded as per the blindness spell. A creature making the save cannot be affected by the same yellow's brilliance for 24 hours. Yellows are immune to one another's brilliance. (This is also a popular slaad joke.)

    Change Shape (Su) A yellow can assume any Medium or Large humanoid form as a standard action. This prevents the use of its natural weapons, but it may arm itself with appropriate weapons and armor and employ kinetic blades. A yellow slaad remains in one form until it chooses to change to another, but reverts to its natural form when killed. A true seeing spell reveals the slaad's true form.

    Summon Slaad (Sp) Once per day a yellow slaad may attempt to summon a green, purple or pink slaad with a 40% chance of success, or 1-2 red or blue slaadi with a 60% chance of success.

    Spell-Like Abilities (Sp) At will - chaos hammer, color spray, detect magic, dispel magic, fly, identify, invisibility, lightning bolt, magic circle against law, see invisibility, shatter, shocking grasp. 3/day - chain lightning, confusion, dispel law, word of chaos. 1/day - cloak of chaos, power word stun, prismatic spray, prismatic wall, true seeing. Caster level 12th, save DCs Charisma-based.
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