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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurentio II View Post
    What Another_Poet means is that he thinks that there are real, flesh people that played the OotS adventures, and that Mr. Burlew wrote the comic inspired by their play.
    Sorry Laurentio, that's not what I meant, though I can see how you'd get that. I'm sure OOTS is inspired by one or more real campaigns, but that's not what I was getting at.

    I also didn't mean that we're going to see the players in the comic. The comic is about the characters, I know. I meant something more like what pendell said. Essentially:

    The comic is about the characters and the characters only. But I suspect that Rich's GM side is as strong as his writer side, and that he understands table dynamics too well to leave them out. When something happens to the OOTS, he might very well ask "Well what would my gaming group do if that came up?" The characters continue to act like characters controlled by out-of-game people.

    And now the once-effective characters are splitting apart and acting out just as the nature of the campaign changes and some Bad Things happen. I think that reflects some definite consideration for the typical behaviour of players and DMs in a regular gaming group.

    Of course, if Rich weighs in to the contrary, I'll believe him.


    EDIT: And I think it should be noted that my view in this post is consistent with NerfTW's view in the post above. You can write the events for entirely plot-based reasons with no reference to players, while still designing your D&D-inspired plot with D&D dynamics in mind.
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