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Does this mean V will be getting replaced (with Hinjo? Please?)
Yeah, I'm sure the ruler of Azure city will happily abdicate his thrne in favour of the nobles in his cities hour of need inrder to go wandering round dungeons with the order

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Brilliant, just brilliant...
I guess this marks the end of the OotS as a group of adventurers and starts to consider them as characters of a novel though. This is a great but so not D&D anymore.
I don't see why. Here's why they split up:
Haley's player (lets call her Harriet) can't make it to the thursday evening d&d sessions for a while 'cos she's doing an evening class, or some other regular thing. Eventually she'll finish them, but for now it's decided she'll game on a wedsday instead. Bob (belkar's player) and maybe roy's player, Rob, (taking over Celia) decide to play on wednesdays for a while, but everyone else is as normal, and the dm runs 2 sessions a week. While this is going on, Leslie (V's player) drops out of the group, meaning the DM takes over as V.
Ta da!

(and to join in the mass prediction making, I reckon #600 will see us switch over to Haley.)