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Thread: What's going on OoC?

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    I see your point too, and as aware as I am about the "there are no Players" idea, this does, indeed, feel like a Campaign going wrong.

    The Railroading of the players (Miko encounter), the death of the group leader, the Breaking up, the quite obvious feeling of boredom that seems to lurk behind certain PCs (hello V). All that seems to indicate that the DM decided to change from fun gaming to Deep Roleplay (tm) without talking about it with his players. Or that they changed DM mid Campaign, Or that this is their first Campaign together and the players thought they were doing Dungeon Crawl but the DM had other plans all along.

    If I didn't trust the Giant's word that there are no players, I would definitely believe that V's player is so fed up with the "long boring sideplot crap" that he starts acting out against the DM; still only in-character, but it would not be long before he stopped showing up at game sessions.
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