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    Quote Originally Posted by King Herodes View Post
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Why do you think it's overpowered? And what would you recommend to tone it down a bit.

    King Herodes
    With some reasonable prep time, he has all the advantages of a sorceror and wizard, without the disadvantages of either. The only solution would be to make him bad at something, which doesn't seem like something you want to do. When the wizard, sorc, and magician all have zero foreknowledge/pre-planning then the magicians one tiny disadvantage of spell swap time is completely erased, and then he is equal or better than the wiz and sorc in every single way.

    This comes back to the 3.5e notion of being good at one thing but not another, which people rarely grasp. Then they laugh and laugh at the poor sorc all the way to school. Truth is, if he were "fixed" in any major way he'd be overpowered, as then he'd be nearly equal or better than the wiz in every way. If he's fixed in minor ways, well that just implies that he's only slightly weaker and doesn't need fixing that bad.

    But rule #1 in my book is let the O.P. do what he wants. So let's see... hmm... gimme a minute. EDIT: Dang, this is a stumper. Only thing I could think of was to keep the significant things - i.e. spells known, spells per day, spell level and spell swapping - but nerf his power somehow. Maybe a nerf to spell save DC or add some MAD or I dunno. EDIT #2: For MAD, you could require a cha of 10 + spell level to cast a spell, maybe require cha for other things too.
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