Oh! Yeah. I actually intended to make a note about that but didn't. Basically, any Perform is fine. Singing, dancing, oratory, weapon drills... I'm not sure how you'd thematically explain all those, but I dislike restricting that sorta thing if it's not for a balance reason. If you can explain how your skill with spinning daggers is so spiffy that people heal faster, then more power to you.

And actually, speaking of Perform (Dance), that makes me think. Should I include a note about all spells having verbal components? I left it out because, yeah, if you're a dancer, why should you all your spells be loud? But just making sure it was the right choice.

Also, AstralFire, thank you! I have always been a sucker for bard-type things as well. It's a shame that something so flavorful was designed to be a third (fifth?) wheel. One of the reasons for this class! This way, a bard can be your walking band-aid!