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    Just coming back from a long time away, a lot of this is old as. Updating it as I care to. Anything with working tables can be assumed to have gotten recent attention.

    Base Classes:
    ARTIFICER (Completely redone; still powerful, but not so easy to break)

    ASPIRANT (The wizard to the swordsage's sorcerer)

    INVOKING HEXBLADE (It's almost like invocations were designed specifically to be retrofitted to the hexblade)

    Prestige Classes:
    CALM ONE (Martial/psionic PrC; focuses on inner peace and defense)

    DARK MIND (Martial soulknife PrC; uses emotions)

    NAKED KNIGHT (Did Conan the Barbarian wear pants? No? Then why should you?)

    PSALMIST (Bard/Divine, focused on healing)

    SUBLIME SORCERER (Arcane Swordsage variant turned PrC)

    Alternate Class Features:
    Tome of Battle ACFs
    - Lay on Hands
    - Smite Opposing Alignment
    - Arcane Training
    - Use Magic Weapon
    - Martial Aptitude
    - Broad Experience

    Incomplete Soldier: Warrior-related goodies
    - Arcane Vanguard (Sor/Wiz)
    - Battlemage (Warmage)
    - Beastmaster (Ranger)
    - Brutal Charge (Scout)
    - Deity's Champion (Favored Soul)
    - Hunter's Trance (Barbarian)
    - Ill Omens (Hexblade)
    - Mountain Druid (Druid)
    - Witty Jab (Swashbuckler)
    - Rapid Blast (Warlock)
    - Strength of Conviction (Paladin)
    - Templar (Cleric)
    - Thug (Rogue)
    - Warrior-Poet (Bard)
    - Weapon Savant (Fighter)
    - Yamabushi (Monk)

    Factotum as a Monk Fix
    - Cunning Ki
    - Cunning Stealth
    - Feral Factotum
    - Insightful Factotum
    - Lay Priest
    - Martial Artist
    - Martial Dilettante
    - Perfect Factotum
    - Psychic Talent

    New Druid Shapeshift Forms
    - Herbivore Form
    - Aquatic Form
    - Earthbound Form
    - Swarm Form
    - Virulent Form
    - Winged Destroyer Form
    - Beast Form
    - Great Beast Form
    - Wyrm Form

    - Child of Air
    - Child of Earth
    - Child of Sea

    Dragonmark Feat
    - Mixed Mark

    Incomplete Soldier: Warrior-related goodies
    {table="head"] General Feats | Prerequisites | Benefit
    Ambidexterity | Dexterity 17 | You have no "off-hand."
    Armor Focus | BAB +1, proficient in chosen armor category | Improved AC and Reflex saves in certain armor.
    - Greater Armor Focus | Fighter 8th, Armor Focus in the chosen category | Even greater AC and Reflex saves in certain armor.
    - Second Skin | Fighter 4th, Armor Focus | Treat armor as a size lighter.
    Calculated Shot | Int 13, BAB +1 | Add your Intelligence to ranged attack rolls.
    Deft Shot | BAB +4, Spot 4 ranks | Take 10 on ranged attacks.
    Deft Swing | BAB +4, Spot 4 ranks | Take 10 on melee attacks.
    Fencing | Weapon Finesse OR Weapon Focus | Add Dexterity to melee damage.
    Improved Snap Kick | BAB +11, Improved Unarmed Strike, Snap Kick | Reduce penalty for Snap Kick.
    Greater Feint | BAB +8, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint | Feint as a swift action.
    Greater Trip | Fighter 6th, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip | Attack an opponent other than the one you tripped.
    Riposte | BAB +2, Sneak Attack, Sudden Strike or Skirmish +1d6 | Sneak Attack foe who misses you in melee.
    Sudden Bash | BAB +6, Improved Shield Bash | Make an extra attack with shield, all attacks at -2.
    - Improved Sudden Bash | BAB +11, Improved Shield Bash, Sudden Bash | Reduce penalty for Sudden Bash.
    Sunder Magic | Power Attack; Mage Slayer OR Improved Sunder and Spellcraft 2 ranks | Successful Sunder can dispel instead of damage.
    Superior Trip | Fighter 10th, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip | Trip on a succesful attack.
    Supreme Unarmed Strike | BAB +12, Improved Unarmed Strike, Superior Unarmed Strike | Unarmed strikes penetrate all DR, deal more damage.
    Sweeping Strike | Fighter 12th, Power Attack, Cleave | Gain a Cleave attack when you drop a foe below 1/2 HP.
    Twin Strike | Fighter 8th, Dex 17, Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Dual Strike | Attack a foe with each weapon as a standard action.
    Two-Weapon Whirlwind | Fighter 16th, Dex 17, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Whirlwind Attack, Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting | Make a whirlwind attack and attack twice.

    {table="head"] Tactical Feats | Prerequisites | Benefit
    Battlefield Bully | Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush | Bull rush related benefits.
    Thornbush | BAB +8, Combat Expertise | Light weapon related benefits.

    Tome of Battle-Related Feats
    {table="head"]General Feat|Prerequisites|Benefit
    Combat Healer|Lay on hands (or similar ability), one Devoted Spirit maneuver that heals hit point damage.|Spend Lay on Hands to increase healing from a Devoted Spirit maneuver.[/table]

    {table="head"]Multiclass Feats|Prerequisites|Benefit
    Ascetic Savant|Improved Unarmed Strike, ability to add your Wisdom bonus to AC in light armor.|Monk and swordsage levels stack for unarmed strike, speed bonus, quick to act.
    Daring Swordsman|Battle clarity, grace +1.|Swashbuckler and warblade levels stack for initiator level and grace.
    Devoted Templar|Divine grace, steely resolve.|Crusader and paladin levels stack for initiator level and smite damage.
    Faithful Templar|Ability to turn or rebuke undead, steely resolve.|Cleric and crusader levels stack for turn undead, domain abilities, steely resolve.
    Psychic Swordsman|Weapon Aptitude.|Psychic warrior and warblade levels stack for initiator and manifester level.
    Sagacious Outlaw|Sneak Attack +2d6 as a class feature, Trap Sense +1, one Shadow Hand stance.|Rogue and swordsage levels stack for initiator level, quick to act, sneak attack.
    Sublime Soulknife|Blade meditation (any), mind blade.|Mind blade is discipline weapon, soulknife levels increase initiator level.
    Thieving Sage|Discipline focus, steal spell|Spellthief and swordsage levels stack for sneak attack and steal spell.[/table]

    {table="head"]Tactical Feats|Prerequisites|Benefit
    Bestial Might|BAB +6, Balance 6 ranks, Jump 6 ranks, two Tiger Claw maneuvers, one Stone Dragon maneuver, and one Stone Dragon stance.| Synergistic abilities for Stone Dragon and Tiger Claw.
    Desert Storm|Three Desert Wind maneuvers, Tumble 9 ranks.|Electricity-based abilities.
    Faithful Leader|BAB +6, one Devoted Spirit stance, one White Raven stance.|Synergistic abilities for Devoted Spirit and White Raven.
    Might of Arms|BAB +6, Power Attack, two Iron Heart maneuvers, no Setting Sun maneuvers.|The best way to win is to be better than your opponent. Duh.
    Mordant Shadows|BAB +4, three Shadow Hand maneuvers.|Acid-based abilities.
    Time Marches On|Sense Motive 6 ranks, BAB +4, two Setting Sun maneuvers.|Attacks for opponents who know how to avoid hitting themselves and falling down.
    Way of the Mirage|Hide 9 ranks, Tumble 3 ranks, one Shadow Hand maneuver, one Desert Wind maneuver.|Synergistic abilities for Desert Wind and Shadow Hand.[/table]

    Feats that count as other feats
    {table="head"] General Feats | Prerequisites | Benefit
    Act on the Run | Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, Tumble 8 ranks | Take a standard action the middle of a move action
    Adjust Weapon | Craft (weaponsmithing) 4 ranks, BAB +1 | Tweak a weapon for improved personal use
    Arcane Touch | Concentration 8 ranks, ability to cast 1st level arcane spells | You can channel spell slots to deal damage
    Battle Casting | Con 13 | Cast spells while holding the charge of other spells
    Battle-Hardened | Con 13 | Add your Constitution bonus to AC
    Battlefield Acrobatics | Dodge, Mobility, Jump 4 ranks, Tumble 8 ranks | Move during a full-attack
    Battlefield Agility | Dodge, Tumble 6 ranks | Flank opponents you tumble past
    Battlefield Grace | Tumble 4 ranks | Gain a bonus to AC against opponents you tumble past
    Baited Opening | Dex 13 | Take an attack of opportunity when hit by an attack of opportunity
    Brutal | Str 15 | You hit with more strength
    Careful Retreat | Dex 13, Dodge | Take the withdraw action as a move action
    Channel Ki | Wis 13, Concentration 4 ranks | Make a concentration check instead of a saving throw
    Combat Flair | Cha 13 | Add your Charisma bonus to combat maneuvers
    Combat Instincts | Wis 13 | Take a penalty on Will saves to gain a bonus to AC
    Customize Weapon | Weapon Focus, Craft (weaponsmithing) 6 ranks, fighter level 4th | Adjust your weapon to deal more damage
    Crack Shot | Dex 13, BAB +1 | Ignore soft cover
    Expert Throw | Dex 13 | Add your dexterity modifier to damage with ranged weapons
    Extremely Light-Footed | Dex 17, Dodge | Take a five-foot step as an immediate action
    Foreign Fighting Style | Int 13, BAB +1 | Add your Intelligence to attack rolls with a specific weapon
    Instant Strike | Dex 19, Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, BAB +16 | Attack with a light weapon as an immediate action
    Instinctive Initiative | Wis 13 | Add your wisdom modifier to initiative, act in surprise rounds
    Juggernaut | Con 13 | Add Con to rolls based on size
    Light-Footed | Dex 15 | Take a five-foot step as a swift action
    Martial Artist | Combat Expertise | Treat yourself as bigger for opposed rolls
    Mounted Defense | Ride 1 rank | Take hits for your mount
    Rapid Strikes | Dex 15, Weapon Finesse, BAB +6 | Attack twice in rapid succession
    Reckless Attack | Str 13 | Take a penalty to AC to gain a bonus to damage with two-handed weapons
    Restore Ki | Dex 13, Wis 15, Heal 10 ranks | Heal your allies by opening their ki flows
    Shielded Spellcaster | Arcane caster level 1st | Proficiency with light shields; ignore spell-failure
    Shoot 'em in the Back | Dex 13, Point Blank Shot, sneak attack +1d6 | You may flank with ranged weapons
    Swift Strike | Dex 17, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, BAB +11 | Attack with a light weapon as a swift action
    Symmetrical Strength | Str 13 | You can use your full strength with off-handed weapons
    Tactical Awareness | Int 13 | Gain additional attacks of opportunity, and avoid provoking.

    Factotum as a Monk Fix
    {table="head"]General Feat|Prerequisites|Benefit
    Naked Factotum|Factotum level 3rd|Bonuses when using Factotum class features unarmored[/table]

    {table="head"]Psionic Feat|Prerequisites|Benefit
    Cunning Psionicist|Access to inspiration points|Spend power points as inspiration points, spend inspiration points to gain psionic focus.[/table]

    Tome of Battle Material
    MARTIAL SCHOOLS (A system for sub-disciplines, along with 17 example schools, and over a hundred new maneuvers)

    MENTAL GRIP (Psionic discipline focused on telekinesis)

    THUNDER BOLT (Ranged Discipline focused on crossbows)

    Abandoned Projects:
    Stuff that I either gave up on, can't edit anymore but want to, or otherwise just don't feel is up to snuff. May revisit in the future.

    Prestige Classes:
    [indent]CANTRIP CASTER (Not just 0-level spells; find a use for all those low-level spell slots)

    SCION OF KHYBER (Enhanced Aberrant Dragonmark)

    SCION OF SIBERYS (Heir of Siberys redux)

    Substitution Levels:
    Dragonmarked Sorcerer (A sorcerer whose powers are fueled by his dragonmark)

    Other/Hard to Classify:
    Dragonmarks as Bloodlines (Replacing/supplementing dragonmark feats with the Bloodline rules from Unearthed Arcana)
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