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    I've decided to recreate my Homebrewer's Extended Signature by separating out and posting only the creations I believe are my best, just a small portion of the total.

    Planes and Subplanes
    The Red Rage [Abyssal Layer]

    Nocturne Lemur [CR 1/6. Animal, familiar, comes with new spell]
    The Dread Plague [CRs 1/2, 5, 10, 15. Undead. Comes with disease.]
    Flash Crusher, Keratin Brute, Chitin Dreadnought [CRs 2, 5, 12. Undead]
    Steel Mastiff [CR 3. Elemental]
    Hoarcreeper [CR 5. Undead]
    Synovial Freak [CR 6. Undead]
    Ssolsch [CR 7. Outsider, demon]
    Sun Mite Swarm [CR 8. Magical Beast]
    Wind on the Sand [CR 8. Outsider]
    Xhinope [CR 8. Magical Beast]
    Regolith and Pedolith [CRs 9 and 4. Elementals]
    Iron Rose [CR 9. Construct]
    Coronal Elemental [CR 10, Elemental]
    Desert Rose [CRs 10 and 13. Elementals]
    Flaydancer [CR 10. Outsider]
    Nitroglycerin Ooze [CR 11. Ooze]
    Lure Eel [DR 12. Magical Beast]
    Pandemic Mask [CR 13 and 3. Aberration]

    Shells and Bloodborn [TO BE REPOSTED WITH MORE! The Blackborn, better description of the ritual, physical description, and cultural background!]

    Sphere of Shadow [Sor/Wiz 0, Clr 0, Brd 0]
    Blessing of Brass, Wearying Winds [Brd 3]
    Baneful Teleport [Sor/Wiz 8]

    New Materials

    Steel Mastiff [Fire, w/oEN, ?]
    Embercat [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields]
    Coalitt [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields]
    Ashraven [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields]
    Gray Snapper [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields]
    Ashruff [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields]
    Spark Leech [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields]
    Red Diver [Fire, w/oEN, Sootfields and Obsidian Spires
    Obsidian Bulk [Fire, w/oEN, Obsidian Spires]
    Magmar [Fire, w/oEN, Lava Seas]
    Waver [Air, w/oEN, throughout]
    Solhawk [Air, w/oEN, (rename area)]
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