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I'm almost certain this has been discussed before, but I could not find it, so here is it: Discuss the 4 words V will be saying to receive ultimate arcane power. With explanation, if needed.

I am not so sure myself, if we will see V recieving this power. Since the prophecy, it seemed somewhat strange to me, as if the oracle was bending the rules. I mean, even if its prophecies are all true, it has shown a great power to bend the prophecies for own amusement/as it sees fit. Even if "The four words...." is nearly unbendable, "ultimate arcane power" could be greatly bent to whatever the oracle wants to. But I am not sure.

Also, let us not forget "for all the wrong reasons". What could these reasons be?
And in which way are they wrong? Does it mean, V does not want to gain power? Or that V just does something not out of, e.g., love, but because s/he wants to gain power?

Anyway, here is my theory: The four words are: "Disintegrate. Gust of Wind."
The four words V said to Kubota. This killing will lead to a chain of events, that in the end will give V the power s/he searches. Perhaps by shifting to the evil side, I do not know.

I don't think so... With Belkar's case, the "stretching" the Oracle was doing had nothing to do with the actual fulfillment of the prophecy: Belkar stabbed the poor bastard, so there was no chain of events. There was no "Belkar gave the ring to Roy and he died a bunch of strips later".

The Oracles prophecies seem very direct to me so far. So, when V's does happen... I think we will know.