Some little questions:
A connoisseur may benefit from their favourite feast a number of times per day equal to 3 + their Constitution modifier. At 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th levels, the connoisseur may select an additional favourite feast, or gain additional uses per day of a favourite feast they already have the taste for.
How does that work? lets say I have Con of 16. At 1st level I can use one favourite feast six times. At 5th level I can either use the same one feast seven times or else... if I chose another feast can I use both of them six times each, or can I use the first one six times and the second one once or is there a pool of six uses that get used up by either type of feast?
Does "+1 per 3 class levels" mean that at level two you get no bonus? Wouldn't that mean that at level one you cannot effectively use this feature?
It might be helpful to have a little table for each of the eating stuff abilities saying whether the following questions are true or false for each:

* Victim can be alive
* Victim can be dead
* Victim can be undead, construct or other non-living creature
* Victim can be an animal (less than 3 INT)
* Victim can be self
* Victim doesn't have to be an "enemy"
* Same victim can be used again for other effects
* Same victim can be used again for this effect

{table]Favourite Feast: |yes, |yes, |yes, |yes, |yes, |yes, |yes, |no
Swallowed Skill: |yes, |yes, |yes, |no, |yes, |yes, |yes, |no
Swallowed Spell: |yes, |yes, |yes, |yes, |no(*), |yes, |yes, |yes
Feeding Frenzy: |yes, |no, |no, |yes, |yes, |yes, |yes, |yes
Feat of the Flesh: |yes, |yes, |yes, |yes, |no(*), |yes, |yes, |yes
Devour Vitality: |yes, |no, |no, |yes, |yes, |yes, |yes, |yes[/table]

And so on for the other five abilities.....

(*) pointless

I assume the phrase "By devouring the bodies of her enemies" is just flavour text and is not a requirement - you could eat a friend. similarly in some other feature descriptions where the vague phrase "enemy" is used.

For example it appears you can at any time smell yourself and use feeding frenzy to boost strength and perform some strength based roll allowed by beserkers (not "complicated activity") such as smashing a door down?

For example you can put a magical creature in the freezer and go back and use it again and again to swap back and forth your Swallowed Spell and/or Feat of the Flesh.

For example currently you can eat the same victim, possibly yourself, several times to max out your Devour Vitality ability. This is probably an error.
It would be good to rule on whether you can eat constructs for any effect. Can you eat incorporeal creatures if you are incorporeal?