Okay, lots of comments! Thanks, everybody! In reverse order:

Realms of Chaos: Thanks for the praise. I absolutely love some of your homebrews, including one of my personal favourites, the Blasphemous Preacher.

Zeta Kai: I also enjoy hot dogs, corn dogs, and St. Bernards.

David Byron:

(1) The morality and social consequences of killing and eating living, thinking beings is always up to the DM to determine. The only mechanical mention I made was in the alignment restriction, which as always I feel the DM can waive based on the nature of the campaign.

(2) You can now no longer eat yourself or smell yourself or close party members to activate a feeding frenzy. Thanks for the catch.

(3) I think Favourite Feast is fairly clear. At 1st level with a Con of 16, you can use, say, Blood 6 times a day. At 5th level you can either pick a new feast, such as Eye, to use 6 times a day as well, or gain another 6 uses of Blood if you just can't get enough of that hemoglobic goodness.

(4) The bonuses granted from Favourite Feast don't actually seem to say what I meant them to say, and I will be correcting that shortly.

(5) I think a chart like that would be fairly useless. They're all individual abilities, and they're all self-explanatory as to what they can be used against or not, as the case may be. If the ability says it has to be a living creature, it has to be a living creature. If it says it has to have an Int of 3 or greater, then it has to have an Int of 3 or greater. I don't actually think that players are morons who can't read their abilities.

(6) Yes, you can hang on to bits of a creature in order to swap out feats and stuff like that. This was intended, if only for pure creepiness.

(7) Again, with constructs, it's fairly simple. If it says you have to eat a living being, you can't eat constructs. Otherwise, they're fair game I suppose, although they may not have the right body parts to eat for Favourite Feast.

(8) Incorporeal beings can interact with other incorporeal beings exactly as normal, as always. As long as the target incorporeal creature qualifies for whatever ability you want to use against it, no problems.

Ninjalitude: This was addressed. You now gain a bite attack when you go into a feeding frenzy that you can use to gain buffs mid-battle.

Zeta Kai:

(1) Thanks.

(2) Maybe. I don't know how often I'll be on, but I can probably do some more work on it. At the very least I'll take a look at what Gaurd Juris has done and add it to the original material.