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    Mato Hiaw Harr
    Shaaryan Human
    Lawful Neutral
    Ranger 1 / Monk 4
    Order of the Sun Soul

    Physical Description:

    Iím short (5'4") and stocky (160 lb). My skin is a dark tan, and my hair is a dark brown, and kept short-cropped. I am 28 years old.


    My father had connections to a Sun Soul monk, who bore the faint traces of Shaaryan characteristics. My father told me he had met him 20 years ago in Innarlith (when he was part of a trading group sent from our tribe). That monk came from a monastery in the Firesteap Mountains (near the northern border of the Shaar).

    His monastery has a light kind of Buddhist/Zen feel to their approach -- they're nature connected, but mostly they use it as a means of contemplation. There are less than 15 monks at the monastery at any time. Most monks leave the monastery after training to travel Faerun, and many do this after every five years at the monastery. The monk met my father when he was on such a journey.

    My father had extended an offer to the monk to come meet his tribe at a later time, and the monk, after many years, came back to take him up on his offer. For a year, the monk traveled around the Shaar with our clan. During this time, I showed great interest in the monk, and, given that my tribe shows respect for youth who wish to explore the world, the monk made a standing offer to take me back with him. I was 10 when I went to the monastery with the monk.

    In my upbringing in the Shaar, I became skilled in horse archery and hunting. During my training at the monastery, I learned the focus and inner power of a monk, but I never let go of my love of horses and the plains of my childhood. Upon completion of my training, I went off to travel Faerun, taking my horse, Jin. After completing my training at the monastery, I went south through the Shaar, down to Luiren (where I learned how to swim, and I explored the Lluirwood and the Toadsquat Mountains. In Estagund, I stayed in Chavyondat and Vaelan. At Vaelan, I joined a merchant ship called The Joy of Vaelan, on which I was a crew member on a voyage along the coast to Cathtyr (in Dambrath) and back. The ship dropped me at port in Turelve, where I heard that a man called Thalur was looking for guards for his caravan to estagun. As I had never made the journey from Durpar to Estagund by land, I decided to approach Thalur for the job.

    Raison d'etre:

    Exploration. Nature, humanity, and a bit of zen.

    Some other notes:

    • Shaaryan humans seemed a bit like a cross between Mongols and Plains Indians, so my name is actual the Sioux word for "Bear" (Mato)
    • My current horse, Jin, is an offspring of the horse I rode when I left the Shaar. I maintained a small stable at the monastery as part of my daily chores.
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