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Thread: Run to the North, FR (IC)

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    Aust's head begins to fall forward and is immediatly halted by his arm propped up by the table. Shifting his head to rest on his palm, he speaks in something between a mumble and a growl.

    "M'name Aust Minileth, I'm a half-d-elf out of Cormanthor and this," Aust reaches his other hand up to scratch the weasel captain of his hat-ship, " is Scraps, my familiar"

    Aust winces as he feels the weasel take a light nip at his finger. The weasel sends him feelings of indignity, to which Aust scowls. His eyes roll upward, as if he can see his familiar through his skull.

    "Excuse me, I mean my reliable partner and long time friend."

    Sucking on his bleeding finger, Aust gazes around the table and speaks past the bloody apendage,

    " So who are you lovable louts?"
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